Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks had a cold, or so he thought. In the U.S., those symptoms may not be enough to get tested for the coronavirus. But in Australia, testing is free and widely available, thanks to early and coordinated planning for a pandemic.

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Tom Hanks

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We will not be silenced. We have a First Amendment right to demand justice for Breonna Taylor AND WE WILL USE IT.

A HISTORY OF US POLICING: A THREAD The modern system of policing is rotten to its core. Here’s how we got here. ⬇️

JUST IN: Trump has nominated NSC advisor and former NUNES aide Allen Souza as the new inspector general of the intelligence community >>>

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After slashing our staff, closing newsrooms, furloughing reporters and cutting pay during a pandemic, @tronc  thought a neat lil way to test our susceptibility to phishing was to send a spoof email announcing large bonuses. Fire everyone involved.

Eric Trump on Wednesday was ordered by a New York state judge to answer questions under oath before the election in a fraud investigation into his family’s real estate business.

Biden Bombshell: @WaGuJohnSolomon  calls the explosive report on Joe & Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukrainian gas company Burisma, “seriously disturbing.” #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

If you're protesting tonight, know how to better protect your privacy.

Again: When police preemptively bring out overwhelming force in anticipation of protest, the very violence they’re trying to prevent becomes inevitable. You unite peaceful and non-peaceful protests behind a common enemy. There’s 50 years of research on this.

BREAKING: Glasgow University confirms two significant clusters of #COVID19  and over 600 students are now isolating. Get the latest here:

To everyone taking to the streets tonight to protest against police violence and racial injustice: We're with you. Know your rights.