"It's not exactly 'I really don't care, do u?' but it's not exactly what one might call welcoming," writes our chief fashion critic @VVFriedman  on the White House's decorations this year for the holidays

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End SARS: Nigerian police 'open fire on protesters' in Lagos after 12 days of anti-police brutality demonstrations

I was last at Lekki toll gate on Monday night - this was the scene.

I keep seeing “reports” that the timing is suspicious on the Biden laptop. The only suspicion should be squarely aimed at the FBI. They knew about it more than a year ago. More than one year. Again...more than one year! That timing is what’s in question.

Again...it is NOT breaking news that the FBI has the laptop...its breaking news that you finally figured out they had the laptop. Now figure out they’ve had it for almost a year and knew about it for longer than a year.

The winning strategy of the 2020 Campaign: Never interrupt your enemy when he is destroying himself.

Grand jury wasn't given the chance to consider homicide charges against police in the Breonna Taylor case, a juror says

Some good news on Covid. 1) The rate of hospitalized people who die from the virus has come down pretty considerably. 2) Vaccine progress continues. That's it. Everything else is a nightmare.