Live Review / K-Pop Superstars / Lit Citi / Stage Fans Rest

Live Review: K-Pop Superstars BTS Lit Up Citi Field’s Stage. Their Fans Did the Rest.

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Live Review / K-Pop Superstars / Lit Citi / Stage Fans Rest

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Conor McGregor weighs in at 170. The main event is officially on.

#BetterCallSaul has been renewed for a sixth, and final season by AMC.

The shrug emoji comes to life... Reince: "Sometimes the best defense is the 'So what?' defense. Which is: If everything the Democrats said is true, it's still not impeachable. If everything that Lev Parnas said is true, it's still not impeachable."

Artist paints 3D graffiti using anamorphic technique based on optical illusion

UK's most trusted professions. 1. Nurses: 96% 2. Doctors: 92% 3. Teachers: 89% 4. Engineers: 87% 5. Professors: 86% 6. Scientists: 85% 7. Judges: 83% 8. Military members: 78% 9. Police: 76% 10. News readers: 62% (Ipsos)

Welcome to the world, little budgerigar!

Crikey! Aussie zookeepers had to relocate koalas to safety and fend off angry alligators after heavy rain

Vladimir Putin proposes sweeping changes to the constitution and a transformed political system in which he would take a new role

On Chief Justice Roberts/impeachment, @PeteWilliamsNBC : "There's no need to break a tie. A 50/50 vote means whatever the proposal was, fails-The Constitution gives the VP the authority to break ties. It doesn't give the Chief Justice the authority to break ties." #AMRstaff