Watch Fox News / Tucker Carlson / Rutger Bregman Fox News

Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain...moron' during an interview. NowThis has obtained the full segment with historian Rutger Bregman that Fox News is refusing to air.

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Watch Fox News / Tucker Carlson / Rutger Bregman Fox News

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Kaylee is still missing. Lets all RT to help bring her home. @MissingKids 

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Fox's @TuckerCarlson  provided a reality check in showing how New York City’s far-left local officials initially dismissed the virus. And, thanks to the liberal media, they’ve been able to absolve themselves of responsibility for the ensuing chaos.

Banks should give us a break and cut credit card interest rates #StarEditorial 

"We are together," reads the tweet from the embassy announcing China's donation of medical supplies to Canada.

As states scramble to delay their primaries, election professionals and voting experts are anxiously looking ahead to November and warning that the coronavirus pandemic is already threatening the safety and integrity of the next presidential election.

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“Happy birthday Victor!” The Cooper City law enforcement and fire rescue personnel joined forces with a young boy’s friends and neighbors to surprise him for his birthday after it was canceled due to the coronavirus.

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