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First GOP win of 2022, Republicans win delegate in Guam for first time since 1990. A lot more to come.

Don Bolduc is within two points of beating Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire (49-47). As heating oil prices and 401k losses hit home Bolduc will win. Hard to understand why McConnell’s superpac pulled out. Hope others will step in to help win the seat for GOP.

A new poll has Lee Zeldin passing Kathy Hochul in the New York governor’s race. @RepLeeZeldin 

My bet is elon musk beats the bots and the critics and makes twitter bigger and profitable

For the 20 deranged disrupters causing pain to their own party, the chaos in the House seems to be an enjoyable hobby.

The Bidens are just a Delaware version of the sopranos

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) association express their disappointment in DirecTV's (AT&T) decision to remove Newsmax from its system. @NRBAssociation 


How can it make sense for 13 Biden staff members to donate money to help people arrested for rioting get out on bail. After four nights of rioting why is bail even being set?Won’t the rioters go back to rioting. Does Biden approve of his staff helping rioters? It is very strange.

Fake whistleblower who was not in room,writes fake complaint with no personal knowledge,leaked to fake news at NY Times,W Post etc,taken up by fake chairman Adam Schiff who opens hearing with fake quote from Trump as Pelosi launches fake impeachment effort-lots of fake in 1 party

Will the 207 house democrats who voted for pelosi’s $1200 bonus check for illegal immigrants now vote to make the Trump payroll tax cut permanent? How can they explain $1200 per illegal immigrant and zero for Americans?

Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, spent part of her childhood in a refugee camp. She and her family were accepted by the United States and in one generation she has become a congresswoman. Why is she so angry at America. Gratitude might have been better than rage as a response.

Why are some in the left so afraid of our mentioning George Soros’ name that they scream anti-semitic? It IS his name. He IS funding pro-criminal,anti police district attorneys. Why is the left afraid of the facts?

Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down

Speaker Pelosi versus patriotism. How could any serious person suggest that the people fighting against the coronavirus 7 days a week should now take time to deal with subpoenas from a House investigation. I am appalled at her lack of concern for American lives.