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The NBA announced Friday that it has rejected Andrew Wiggins' request for a religious exemption to the local COVID-19 vaccination order.

Greg Kelly reacts to the viral clip of ASU students being harassed at the school's 'multicultural center.' "He stood his ground... That guy reminds me of Rosa Parks."

"I can't say it helped my life very much." Asia Argento, the actress whose rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein helped trigger the #MeToo  movement, has paid the price for her bravery.

BIG MONEY, BIG MOUTHS: Rob Schmitt follows the money trail that has backed 'The Squad' and other liberal elites. @SchmittNYC .

A U.S. power company whose cables sparked a devastating California fire that killed four people has been charged with manslaughter.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is appealing his conviction in the death of George Floyd.

Rep. Greene to Democrats on the steps of the Capitol: "Killing a baby up until birth is a lack of civility. It’s called murder... how about the border down there? Lack of civility? How about lack of laws, or protecting and upholding our Constitution?"

The state of Texas announced it will be limiting business with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

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@gregkellyfox5  stops mid-broadcast to share a few words of prayer for President Trump's health and recovery.

ELECTION INTEGRITY: "Here in Nevada - we have found and just referred to DOJ - 3,062 people who violated residency requirements in Nevada," @RichardGrenell  tells Newsmax TV's @stinchfield1776 .

18 year-old @thecjpearson  took exception and swung back when an anti-Trump panelist told him to 'think for himself.' CJ joins @bennyjohnson  on @TheBennyReport  to discuss.

DEVELOPING: @MayorRGiuliani  displays a "very, very sensitive" alleged text message from Hunter Biden, which he claims to have handed over to the Delaware state polic @gregkellyfox5 .

Former President Donald Trump visits a New York Police Department precinct to show support for first responders on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.

@GenFlynn  tells @CarlHigbie  "everybody around the country needs to take a deep breath" regarding the results of the election.

@GOPLeader  says Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes to remain as speaker