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It hasn't even been a day, and liberal pundits are already starting to compare Joe Biden to Abe Lincoln. This is what you should expect to see over the next four years.

MSNBC has completed their transformation from a network of hate for the President to one of unflinching admiration.

The elitists in Hollywood actually think there needs to be MORE liberal elitism in Hollywood, not less.

Definitely no bias here. Just a @nytimes  reporter unilaterally declaring Mike Pompeo to be the "worst Secretary of State" ever.

Rep. @EliseStefanik  shot back at a disgustingly sexist piece by the @timesunion  which mocked her as "childless."


MEDIA HYPOCRISY ALERT: The liberal media praises the thousands of protesters for gathering, but thinks it's dangerous for President@realDonaldTrump  to do the same.

This is CNN: Host@jaketapper  openly wondered if Rep. Brian Mast -- a veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan -- actually cares about American democracy because he voted "no" on impeachment. @CNN  isn't a news organization.

The media will do anything to cover up and make excuses for the Biden Family. 2019: There is absolutely no evidence that Hunter Biden did anything illegal. 2020: The evidence that what Hunter Biden did was illegal is...Russian disinformation?

BLM Extremists Block ER Entrance, Chant ‘Death to Police,’ ABC Covers it Up

See why leftists are pissed at Gayle King. She dared to tell Nancy Pelosi that her language is as harsh as Trump's....and that Democrats would do the same thing -- get confirmation done -- if the situations were reversed.

Here's a compilation that shows how the media covers for Joe Biden's many, many, many gaffes, racial blunders, and creepy touches.

FLASHBACK: The media said that getting a COVID-19 vaccine before the end of the year was "happy talk" and would take a "miracle." Turns out they were wrong. Again.