Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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I hope they make their target. You change the world in the future by helping kids today. via @Chuffed 

William Gibson's remarkable new novel, AGENCY, is here described to us by M. John Harrison. One of my very favourite living writers writes about another. This is a treat. (Which my phone first autocorrected to 'This is a test'.) @GreatDismal  @mjohnharrison 

Or two Doublemint Rhinos, doubling your pleasure and your fun.

I'm stealing some of these reccs for Ash!

On the subject of fictional news, Sandman on Netflix isn't filming in January 2020. We don't yet have a cast or a director, although some pretty glorious scripts are starting to emerge. THIS IS NOT TRUE:

There are times when I am so grateful crowdfunding exists. Case in point, @carolecadwalla  is being sued for libel by Arron Banks. He is very rich and allegedly very crooked. She is very neither.

She's not crazy, and she spreads lots of accurately researched journalism. Fixed it for you.


It's astonishing how right he was. This is from 1999.

Alan Moore. A non-voting anarchist explains why he’s voting today.

BEAN HAS BEEN OFFERED A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PEANUT BUTTER IF HE GETS 72,000 RTS TO HIS TWEET. He’s autistic, that’s what he eats. Let’s get him his PBJs. RT his original tweet. (If you’re worried about his health or nutrition see posts from his mother on original thread.)

My friend Paul just emailed to say his favourite placard in the London Trump protests was the one that said was ALL IN ALL YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER PRICK WITH NO WALL.

Given this, I’m very unlikely to post support or links on Twitter for Kickstarter projects in the future. Even if I very much want them to succeed. I can’t think of any other way to tell @kickstarter  that they are being utter dicks.

On a day like today it’s worth saying, I believe survivors. Men must not close our eyes and minds to what happens to women in this world. We must fight, alongside them, for them to be believed, at the ballot box & with art & by listening, and change this world for the better.

I love you all. Even the ones I don’t know. This year I’ve not got a new New Year’s wish. I hope the world is gentler to each of us in 2018, though. And that we do not forget how to be kind.