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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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So there are now a few answers to the casting questions. For those who like mysteries, Sandman is huge, and the cast is enormous. And there are many mysteries remaining.

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The U.S. has a long history of welcoming #refugees ! I applaud the Biden Administration’s commitment to restoring America’s leadership on resettlement. Join me and sign your name to show your support for a robust increase in U.S. refugee resettlement. 

With the many #UKsnow  updates I’m seeing, I’m reminded of those who are most vulnerable to harsh winter weather. Re-sharing the film we made for @Refugees  who still need our support to keep warm:

Post an image of yourself as the leader of an underground organization without downloading new pics.

Seeing the enthusiasm on the parts of a corner of Twitter for removing income from elderly and disadvantaged authors reminds me to link to Writers helping writers since 1916.

I wanted to share this important message from fellow UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador@RedHourBen  as Syria marks 10 years of crisis. A generation of children and young people are dreaming of a better future. They must be supported to realise it. #WithSyria 

I picked up a book today in the library, filled with bedtime poems by people I know. "They should have asked me to write one of these," I thought. Then I remembered they had, & I had, & they had wisely rejected it on the grounds that children might not sleep sweetly afterwards.

Sometimes the internet can be so incredibly helpful. What started as me answering a name question turned into the discovery of, and unravelling of, by helpful Tumblr folk, a mystery:

Please watch the full film we created together for #DrawForRefugees  . It’s been an inspiring but bittersweet journey. I’m proud of what we did to raise funds to help @Refugees  . This award, if we win it, would belong to us all:

Today's the last day to vote for #DrawForRefugees  to win at @TheWebbyAwards ! It was truly a special campaign to help @Refugees  that really couldn't have happened without you. Every vote counts: #Webbys 


Good Omens the book is 30. This is our present to all of you. It's to make people happy, because too many of us are sad. #GoodOmens30 

It's astonishing how right he was. This is from 1999.

#her şeyçokgüzelolacak" Good luck, Turkey.

My friend Paul just emailed to say his favourite placard in the London Trump protests was the one that said was ALL IN ALL YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER PRICK WITH NO WALL.

BEAN HAS BEEN OFFERED A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PEANUT BUTTER IF HE GETS 72,000 RTS TO HIS TWEET. He’s autistic, that’s what he eats. Let’s get him his PBJs. RT his original tweet. (If you’re worried about his health or nutrition see posts from his mother on original thread.)

On a day like today it’s worth saying, I believe survivors. Men must not close our eyes and minds to what happens to women in this world. We must fight, alongside them, for them to be believed, at the ballot box & with art & by listening, and change this world for the better.

I love you all. Even the ones I don’t know. This year I’ve not got a new New Year’s wish. I hope the world is gentler to each of us in 2018, though. And that we do not forget how to be kind.

Alan Moore. A non-voting anarchist explains why he’s voting today.