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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

We are off on a father and son bonding trip and there isn't much in the way of wifi or phone service here. So I'm basically offline now for a week or so. It's magical and hard work. I will be back sooner or later…

Ghibli did it to remove some execs names from the poster. The execs did it because they wanted their names on the poster.

Their names are on the poster and DVD box. Mine was not.

Also, as I was wearing a big black hat, black clothes and all beardy, Orthodox Jews saw me as one of their own and ushered me into full elevators and commiserated about airports and small children. It was really nice.

I just went through a major metropolitan airport pushing a small boy in a recalcitrant stroller, with too many bags, and didn't even try to find any books to stealth sign. Sometimes it wouldn't be remotely fun.

@veschwab  I know I'm not a particularly good person, but I'm happy to report that I've apparently forgotten all of the kicks, and the early career lousy reviews. I know I used to remember them.

I did? I thought it was a very polite reply. What about it felt snarky?

Ghibli always did. And if you look carefully at the end credits you will spot my name.


It's astonishing how right he was. This is from 1999.

BEAN HAS BEEN OFFERED A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PEANUT BUTTER IF HE GETS 72,000 RTS TO HIS TWEET. He’s autistic, that’s what he eats. Let’s get him his PBJs. RT his original tweet. (If you’re worried about his health or nutrition see posts from his mother on original thread.)

My friend Paul just emailed to say his favourite placard in the London Trump protests was the one that said was ALL IN ALL YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER PRICK WITH NO WALL.

On a day like today it’s worth saying, I believe survivors. Men must not close our eyes and minds to what happens to women in this world. We must fight, alongside them, for them to be believed, at the ballot box & with art & by listening, and change this world for the better.

First the Bad News: the #goodomens  DVD release has been delayed for a month. Now the Good News: it's so we can put some extras on it! Maybe even a deleted scene or two...

I love you all. Even the ones I don’t know. This year I’ve not got a new New Year’s wish. I hope the world is gentler to each of us in 2018, though. And that we do not forget how to be kind.

Without Steve Ditko there would have been no Spider-Man, no Doctor Strange, no Creeper, no Hawk and Dove, none of the black and white reprint comics I read in seaside resorts as a boy. No The Question (which means no Rorschach). No Mister A. No mystery.