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Pres of @amprog -Center for American Progress, progressive, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order. Views expressed are most definitely my own.

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@ryangrim  Think tanks are about facts. Something you should consider before episodes like this where you amplified a lie to thousands of people.

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It's many things, but it's not accountable journalism.

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@joanwalsh  @kate_manneJust  a reminder, the idea that an accusation is prima facie evidence of guilt is what put many black men in jail, or worse, in the South. ’ @joanwalshs  piece stood the test of time. That much is clear.

@kate_manne  @joanwalshW  @amandataubell  since you’re walking back your own piece within weeks maybe your standard needs work. Women shouldn’t be believed less than men. But to say they don’t need evidence, that the accusation is evidence in itself, gets you into this place where you’ve reversed position so soon

@olivertraldi  @kate_manneH  @joanwalshe  @amandataubr  point was it was dispositive. Which is the absurd claim. And eliminates due process for the accused.

I have the coronavirus. I’ve been sick for a week, and really, really fatigued, with muscle pain. So far, thankfully, no fever and my oxygen levels are fine. But I was super careful, wore masks, carried hand sanitizer. Haven’t really socialized with friends.

I only went out for necessities and wore masks. And did nature walks. This is obviously a very transmissible virus. People need to take a lot of care and the idea we can just reopen is very scary.

Been pretty wiped out by the virus, but I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes. And I want to acknowledge the terrible loss of a 100,000 people dying from the virus. 100,000 holes in families, communities, our country. My thoughts are with everyone who has lost someone.


It seems a Republican campaign went to the houses of older Democrats, claimed to be officials, took their absentee ballots and got rid of them. The Republican “won” by 900 votes. It’s 2018. Every major newspaper should be on that story. #NC9 

You know what defeats the hatefulness of Trumpism? The largest electoral margin defeat since Goldwater. That is what he deserves. A humiliating, historic landslide loss. And that is actually possible.But it takes a bigger coalition than your twitter bubble. Build the army.

Over 3100 people have died in the US from the coronavirus. More than died on 9/11. Only 158 in South Korea, though we both got our first positive case on the same day.

I hope Barack Obama just shows up places in the public eye every couple of weeks through the next election just to remind people what it was like to have a decent, intelligent, compassionate president. So they know we can have that again.

Reminder, we have very high unemployment numbers because we have to do radical social distancing. We have to do social distancing because we do not have enough tests to know where the virus is. We do not have enough tests because the Trump Admin bungled the tests.

Just a reminder that if Dems take the Senate, Mitch McConnell is no longer Majority Leader, Chuck Grassley is no longer chair of Judiciary and Susan Collins is in the minority. Find a Senate race and start working.

I dare @realDonaldTrump  to hold a town hall with members of the public on health care. Retweet if you dare him too.

People. Wake. Up. This is a red alert.