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Neera Tanden

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@LouiseMensch  @donwinslowWe  can find common cause on defending the rule of law and argue with each other on policy when the thugs are out of office.

This was a joke. For people who have lost all their sense of humor on here.

What the really liked was the profit limits.

@florencehymns  You know what’s odd is I actually worked on legislation that got 20 million people health care. It didn’t talk about it. It did it. Not perfect but I’ve met people who’ve told me they are alive today because of the ACA. But really, please keep tweeting.

I am really saddened by the news of @KamalaHarris’ departure. She’s a talent who will shine in the party for a long time to come. But the presidential debate is lesser because of her departure.

The people who had their knives out for her before she even entered...I will remember each and every one of them. I will unify behind whoever the nominee is but that doesn’t mean I will forget.

I was on food stamps as a kid. These people are heartless monsters.


You know what defeats the hatefulness of Trumpism? The largest electoral margin defeat since Goldwater. That is what he deserves. A humiliating, historic landslide loss. And that is actually possible.But it takes a bigger coalition than your twitter bubble. Build the army.

It seems a Republican campaign went to the houses of older Democrats, claimed to be officials, took their absentee ballots and got rid of them. The Republican “won” by 900 votes. It’s 2018. Every major newspaper should be on that story. #NC9 

I hope Barack Obama just shows up places in the public eye every couple of weeks through the next election just to remind people what it was like to have a decent, intelligent, compassionate president. So they know we can have that again.

Dear sane people : Any time the name Hunter Biden crosses a person’s lips, please inform them of this.

Maybe the reason Republicans in Congress aren’t objecting to Trump trying to rig the 2020 elections is because they want him to rig the 2020 elections.

Just a reminder that if Dems take the Senate, Mitch McConnell is no longer Majority Leader, Chuck Grassley is no longer chair of Judiciary and Susan Collins is in the minority. Find a Senate race and start working.

I dare @realDonaldTrump  to hold a town hall with members of the public on health care. Retweet if you dare him too.

Guilty people obstruct. Innocent people cooperate.