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Oh come on. Give her a break. Who here can honestly say that they have never accidentally approved illegal arms sales to a regime that butchers innocents?

Start your day with (at least) a smile by reading the replies to this.

Is it even worth pointing out that a PM who needed five weeks to prepare a new legislative agenda for an imminent Queen’s speech would not be doing photo ops in hospitals? Asking for m’learned friend.

@TracyAnnO  You can find things he has done repellent - and I obviously do - while also objectively analysing the electoral potential of a policy & offering my subjective view. I enjoyed hearing your position but not so much that I lost all interest in others.

@SkintLondon  @TracyAnnOAt  first glance, the answer is obviously Labour but the question is, per Tracey, already loaded. Because by saying this you open yourself to the accusation that by prioritising poverty & inequality etc you’re ignoring, even facilitating, anti-semitism & misogyny. So I don’t know.

If your child had nearly died in an underfunded, understaffed hospital & the Prime Minister had apparently been recorded lying to your face when you told him about it, how much weight would you expect/want the media to give to your political affiliations?

Crossing the streams of Remoaner Resistance on the show today. @GaryLineker  joins me from 10.45.

Wow. I thought I’d have a set-up like that by now when I was 8! What game’s on the cabinet one? Or has it got lots loaded?


Brexit latest: Outrage as people who voted to abolish free movement discover that abolishing free movement means movement will no longer be free.

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Give this one an RT, eh lads? I don’t normally ask but it’s important because he’s still telling porkies all over the place & going largely unchallenged.

My youngest has had my old phone for a couple of years. Just for games, which I download for her before disconnecting the internet. Still has my old contacts though & it turns out she’s been messaging my dad, who died 5 years ago. I may have something in my eye.

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Dropping bombs on a country but voting against allowing refugee children fleeing the conflict to come here. That’s got to be worse than running through a wheat field.

If you voted for Brexit because you're against 'unelected bureaucrats' & in favour of 'restoring power' to the UK parliament, you must be feeling pretty miffed this weekend. By rights, you should be leading the protests not nodding along with the liars & cheats condemning them.

You generally don’t have to spend billions of pounds, suspend laws & stockpile essentials to mitigate the impact of *good* ideas.

Think I’ve got it now. Throwing a milkshake at someone is outrageous but twatting someone from behind is fine. Drinking an M&S mojito on a train is outrageous but taking cocaine is fine. And straight, white men like me are persecuted every day. Welcome to the the alt-rightiverse.

I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed by just how many ordinarily sensible English people become blind to lies and bluster when they are delivered in a plummy accent.

We’re paying tens of billions of pounds to leave the world’s largest free trade area while surrendering all of our ability to define its rights & regulations. All so that we can hopefully start negotiating an inferior arrangement with the world’s largest free trade area.

On Monday, vowed to leave “no stone unturned” in pursuit of the truth about Windrush. On Wednesday, he voted to keep all details of how it happened secret. Dizzying hypocrisy has become a prerequisite for membership of Theresa May’s Government.