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I think the demonisation & dismissal of ‘Project Fear’ was possible *because* the predictions sounded so crazy: food shortages, a border in the Irish Sea, produce rotting in fields, medical supplies compromised etc etc etc. It’s all happening now & it’s *still* hard to believe.

The Universal Credit cut is, as Starmer has just manged to establish, indefensible. So Johnson didn't even try to defend it. Next up, a reshuffle clearly timed to distract attention from the Universal Credit cut.

It's appalling, obviously, and conclusive evidence that Johnson holds the Culture department in complete contempt, but Nadine Dorries becoming Secretary of State is straight up hilarious.

Very proud to have played my part in the Great Gammon War. Important to be magnanimous in victory, though.

You can argue that the driver shortage is a direct consequence of 'cheap foreign labour' going home or you can argue that the driver shortage is not uniquely bad in Brexit Britain. But you can't really argue both.

Brexit in five stages: Things will be better. Things won’t be *that* bad. Things are bad but it’s not our fault. Things are awful but that was the plan. I have no idea what they’ll claim next.

If we hadn’t left the European Union we wouldn’t be able to introduce desperate, probably doomed, ideas designed to address problems caused by leaving the European Union. Grant Shapps there, reaching peak Grant Shapps.

“He failed to understand that live television could not camouflage the vapidity and nastiness of anti-woke rhetoric with fancy language and faux intellectualism, in the way that the Spectator does.”

As long as Iain Duncan Smith is treated as an authority on anything except dishonest CV’s & fake testimonials, the country will continue to punch itself in the face on a daily basis.


And there it is. Worst fears apparently confirmed. Every single time you told yourself it couldn’t all be down to the pound shop Machiavelli, that nobody could allow these life & death decisions to be taken on the fly, a little voice piped up to remind you who was Prime Minister.

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There’s something rather significant about Boris Johnson speaking up for statues of dead white supremacists while Marcus Rashford speaks up for 1.3 million hungry British children of every creed & colour.

The Mash Report, a comedy program critical of the government has been axed by the state broadcaster, reportedly for political reasons, and at the behest of a director general appointed by the government. Finally, a stone cold example of what 'cancel culture' looks like.

My favourite politicians are the ones who vote to close libraries but claim that statues of slavers are of immense educational importance.

Why do you think he’s deleted this?

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I've read the Mail on Sunday 'story' twice so that you don't have to. Keir Starmer bought a field behind his parents' house in 1996 so his late mother could care for rescue donkeys. That's it. That's the story. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so emblematic of our broken media.

“Diagnostic tests which involve taking saliva and nasal samples from the same patient are being counted as two tests, not one.” Bet you’re not even shocked any more...

A digital only subscription to the newspaper reporting that the government is planing to abolish the licence fee is, at £312, more than double the annual cost of the licence fee. That's one newspaper for £312-a-year versus *everything* the BBC provides for £154.50. Get it yet?