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Actress, author, speaker. Love foreign policy, politics, science & anyone with ideas & humor! Texan who loves art & ballet & old movies. And rock 'n roll!

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Trump Org Prosecutors Find New Evidence—in a Basement via @thedailybeast 

Republicans maneuver to block vaccine mandates, undercutting a policy widely seen as an effective tool to end pandemic - The Washington Post

Mitch McConnell says the GOP will vote for the US to default on its debt

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Will Facebook Finally Be Forced to Change After Devastating Wall Street Journal Exposés? | Analysis via @TheWrap 

Coronavirus Today: States' fates diverge with Delta

A New Company With a Wild Mission: Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth


US senator took off mask repeatedly on flight. He chairs committee that oversees airline safety and policy. | TheHill

Every woman has an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend like this Trump....not a good way to win the women's vote....

I'm getting really tired of Pence interrupting and talking WAY over his time...Women everywhere have had to endure this type as a boss or colleague...

New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free - BBC News

Fearing a ‘Blood Bath,’ Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

I’ve tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but there comes a time...

I worked with Dr. Fauci during the AIDS crisis. He is brilliant and only cares about stopping disease. I would propose #FearlessFauci  instead. RT?

Please Vote NO on the recall election and do not enter a name in the 2nd part. Newsom is not a candidate and his name will not be in the 2nd part. Please do not vote for any of the candidates listed. We don't need a California version of Abbott or DeSantis. Thanks

Six Republican lawmakers among rioters as police release photos of wanted via @YahooNews