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Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild

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Bruce Willis’ Wife Tells Paparazzi to Stop Yelling at Him After Dementia Diagnosis: Let Him Get ‘From Point A to Point B Safely’ via @Variety 

Ukrainian leaders agree to continue Bakhmut defence as casualties mount - The Guardian

Walgreens Stock Plummets After Gavin Newsom Vows to Cut Business Ties

#OnMyWalk I ran into the lovely flower that is @Barbara_Eden ⁩! Here with Alan Nevins@LABookBoy  at a charity tea for DKMS Global, which fights blood cancer by matching stem cell donors w patients #BeKind  #Oscars  Sending Love To You All💗🌷💗🥰💗🎉💗🥳💗🌷💗🥰💗🎉💗🥳💗🌷💗

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Check out this article from @nytimes . Because I'm a subscriber, you can read it through this gift link without a subscription.


Amy Coney-Barrett to rule on LGBTQ case whose anti-LGBTQ attorneys paid her 5 times for speaking engagements

Every woman has an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend like this Trump....not a good way to win the women's vote....

Trump's federal judge sister Maryanne Trump Barry is heavily implicated in NY Times report on family tax evasion

Six Republican lawmakers among rioters as police release photos of wanted via @YahooNews 

Maddow reads the GOP’s newly released transcripts of FBI interviews — and they destroy Trump’s accusations of conspiracy

Hi guys! I’m doing this new thing called Cameo, where you can have me do shoutouts to friends and family! Trying to move into the new tech stuff (and I am sooo bad at tech!!). Link in bio. Sending love!!???

Republicans want to ‘reform’ Social Security behind closed doors — beware!