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Whitehouse said he is still pressing for details because he's been assured it did not come from House or Senate Democrats. Mnuchin said he would respond to this letter, according to Whitehouse.

@HolmesJosh  I wish it had something to do with a sense of style but it unfortunately was out of necessity: I couldn’t turn on the recorder on my phone while wearing the glove

Fauci made the point to the GOP that opening things back up doesn't mean going back to business as usual right away. They said to get to that point, there needs to be a robust system of testing and contact tracing.

The task force made clear they are still working on a massive increase in testing and are working to get there. Abbot hopes to have 2 million per month of the 15-minute tests available by May, but there was a recognition that that is still short of what's needed.

There was discussion that the existing 18,000 tests from Abbot aren't being fully utilized. Sources in both parties say more needs to be done to get to widespread test availability.

Sen. Ron Johnson asked about hydroxychloroquine, and FDA’s Stephen Hahn indicated that the company that manufactures the drug is ramping up production with the goal of 50 million shipments. Hahn cautioned they are working with doctors to make sure they understand limits of drug

Trump says the US testing system is the “best in the word” even as his task force acknowledged to senators today that more needs to be done to ensure there is widespread testing available - especially before they reopen the economy


#BREAKING : The White House and Senate leaders struck a major deal early Wednesday morning over a $2-trillion package to provide a jolt to an economy struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, capping days of marathon negotiations that produced the far-reaching measure.

After weeks of Republicans demanding that Schiff open up the doors and allow the public to see the impeachment proceedings, Trump says this morning: “They shouldn’t be having public hearings.”

In a matter of 48 hours, we’ve learned the president of the United States deceived the American public about his health in the 2016 campaign and about engaging in a scheme to pay off a porn star to silence her during the campaign

Pelosi stepping up her criticism. “The president - his denial at the beginning was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly ... I don’t know what the scientists said to him: When did this president know about this and what did he know?” @jaketapper 

Vindman attorney responds: “My client has seen war, and has sacrificed greatly for our country. He has said nothing publicly but for statements made pursuant to a subpoena. He deserves better than to be mocked, taunted, and bullied by the Commander-in-Chief,” per @kaitlancollins 

IL Gov. JB Pritzker tells @jaketapper  that fed inaction has forced states to compete “against each other” for supplies. “This should have been a coordinated effort by the federal government..It’s a Wild West out there .. We are overpaying for PPE because of that competition.”