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Andrea Mitchell

NBC News Chief Washington Correspondent and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent/Anchor, Andrea Mitchell Reports, weekdays at 12pm ET on @MSNBC.

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@KellyO  reporting the FBI gave USSS at Mar a Lago advance notice and they cooperated letting them into the property. Trump is in NYC at Trump Tower residence was not at home

On Russia's negotiations in prisoner swap with U.S., @brhodes : “The Russians want to get as much as they can. And the more attention there is on the Griner case, the more they feel like they can leverage that to their end...I think it likely ends in a prisoner swap." #AMRstaff 

Shelling 'in and around' Ukrainian nuclear facility could trigger ‘a major release of radioactivity' @Cirincione  @brhodes  @MSNBC 

National Archives says Trump took 15 boxes of White House records to Florida

We don’t know what FBI looking for but there are a # of possible reasons. NBC News reporting this does not stem from NY federal investigation. Most likely DC grand jury. Feds have been seeking records not turned over to archives when he left office but we don’t know if that’s it

Trump says his Mar-a-Lago home was 'raided' by 'large group of FBI agents'

Former prosecutor and sr FBI official Chuck Rosenberg tells @maddow  a search warrant is the most serious way the DOJ & FBI can get back something it wants, it’s a very big deal, says if you don’t trust someone to return information voluntarily you get a search warrant to take it


Something I never thought I’d see: a political convention ready to gavel in at the White House

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Powerful comment: Bishop Marian Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of DC says she is outraged that @realDonaldTrump  used StJohn’s (without asking them) as a backdrop for his photo op after clearing protesters “what we are witnessing now is the shredding of our national fabric” @CNN 

How can he justify stopping all immigration globally because of the pandemic at the same time he’s suggesting it’s safe for states to start going back to work by May 1st or sooner?

US officials confirm to NBC News men who beat protesters outside Turkish Embassy in DC are Pres. Erdogan's bodyguards

Wow! Director Mike Pompeo releases statement endorsing intel conclusion Russia meddled direct challenge to comments accepting denial and calling #Putinex  CIS officials political hacks

How could sign the John S. McCain Defense Authorization Act and speak for 25 minutes without mentioning ? He even left “McCain” out of the name of the bill he signed into law. Memory loss? Unhinged? Bad staff work?