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Andrea Mitchell

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On Trump's approach to reopening schools, Panetta: "We have a president who is out of control...and on a rampage. Somehow thinking that through threatening people, through bullying people, that somehow that is the way to deal with it." #AMRstaff 

On new saliva tests in Arizona, @VaughnHillyard : "University researchers have made the case that saliva, there's more quantitative data you can work with. It's more than yes or no, you have COVID not, but to what extent COVID is in your system." #AMRstaff 

On detention facilities, @jacobsoboroff : "Two years after family separations and again..there's still children at risk of being separated from their parents. This time with the coronavirus, which has run rampant in the detention centers." #AMRstaff 

@jacobsoboroff : "There's over 800 people detained in ICE custody that have the coronavirus. The govt won't commit to releasing families and children together. Advocates are saying they must and can. And if they wanted to, they could do it as we're speaking right now." #AMRstaff 

On Katie Miller's comments on assimilation & separation, @jacobsoboroff : "That goes to show the thinking that went into this policy, or the lack thereof. This is not something done with the best interests of children in mind, this is done from a political perspective." #AMRstaff 

'Separated' author @jacobsoboroff : 'Things are arguably worse than they were two years ago'

Fmr. Secretary of Defense Panetta: 'The most important crisis we have is a leadership crisis' @MSNBC 


Powerful comment: Bishop Marian Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of DC says she is outraged that @realDonaldTrump  used StJohn’s (without asking them) as a backdrop for his photo op after clearing protesters “what we are witnessing now is the shredding of our national fabric” @CNN 

On whether Obama admin paid for missiles that hit Iraqi bases per @realDonaldTrump , @AmbassadorRice : "This is another series of despicable lies by President Trump. Fact that 3 years after taking office he remains obsessed w/ Pres Obama shows (his) extreme weakness & insecurity."

One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days

How can he justify stopping all immigration globally because of the pandemic at the same time he’s suggesting it’s safe for states to start going back to work by May 1st or sooner?

Read the fine print: Turkey gets Syrian Kurd land he’s wanted for years. Kurdish fighters have to disarm and get out. Russia gains influence. ISIS does what it wants. Trump cancels sanctions on Turkey. Art of the deal!!! If you are Erdogan

10 thousand unmasking last year, 17 thousand in 2018. Necessary and routine. Can people please stop trying to gaslight us?

@NancyPelosi : "It's stunning, the President says does the Supreme Court like me? Or I made Juneteenth. This is person who is ethically unfit, intellectually unprepared, and personally unqualified to be president as he says everything is about him & not our country." #AMRstaff