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Andrea Mitchell

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On Trump Oval spray, @jeffmason1 : "He emphasized a couple of things: It's bad for the country, (impeachment) but appears to be good for him politically. That shows some confidence-He also wanted to show he was working on other business when that vote happened." #AMRstaff 

@BillNeelyNBC : "Boris Johnson's victory was spectacular. It's as if, for example, Donald Trump took not just Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, & Michigan, but swept Massachusetts as well & swept California into his back pocket for good measure. An absolutely extraordinary win." #AMRstaff 

@BillNeelyNBC : "I wonder, is Bernie Sanders today, is Elizabeth Warren looking at what happened in Britain and wondering if their kinds of policies actually work, because the center in Britain went to the right in this election in a big way." #AMRstaff 

On impeachment: @neeratanden , "The strategy of Republicans is to make this as much of a circus so people tune away, turn it off. They do create a chaos machine where people take away from seriousness of the moment. But at end of day I think they won't have much impact." #AMRstaff 

On Parnas/$1 million from Moscow bank account, @WasAlene : "Prosecutors made the incredible discovery that Parnas received this large sum of money which he failed to disclose. He made inconsistent statements overtime to prosecutors and documenting his resources." #AMRstaff 

On Greta Thunberg, @jeffmason1 : "Mrs. Obama is strategic when she weighs in-It shows she and President Obama really care about climate change. Mrs. Obama made work with young girls and young women, the highlight of her time in the public's sphere." #AMRstaff 

John Brennan: Trump's new comments on impeachment show he is 'the world's greatest snake oil salesman' via @msnbc 

Trump's silver lining during impeachment is 'the politics of grievance' via @msnbc 


One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days

. cannot use military plane to war zone and NATO that speakers are entitled to (for security since 9/11 because she is in line of succession) but Melania Trump flew tonight to Maralago on same type of military 757 from JBA. Alone.

Read the fine print: Turkey gets Syrian Kurd land he’s wanted for years. Kurdish fighters have to disarm and get out. Russia gains influence. ISIS does what it wants. Trump cancels sanctions on Turkey. Art of the deal!!! If you are Erdogan

So now we know why he didn’t defend Yovanovitchfrom Rudy’s smear campaign: he was part of it.

Is enough attention being paid to the fact that in his battle with not only grounded her military flight but revealed secret trip to war zone?

. says economy heading south when he took office going in the wrong direction: Facts: Jobs grew from Nov 2012 to Nov 2016 at 1.88 % a year during 2nd term Jobs grew from November 2016 to today by 1.57 % since elected Do the math

Why aren't more women senators on Judiciary Committee? Chairman : "It’s a lot of work. I mean don’t forget compared to a lot of committee meetings, we have an executive (session) for every Thursday … so it’s a lot of work. Maybe they don’t want to do it"