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Andrea Mitchell

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#TonyBlinken confirmed 78 to 22 by the Senate as Secretary of State inheriting a department hollowed out and demoralized by Mike Pompeo and former President Trump

NAACP President Johnson: Biden’s executive orders today on racial equity 'a great initial start' @DJohnsonMSNAA @MSNBCCP

On J&J vaccine candidate, @AmeshAA : "If you have a vaccine without stringent storage requirements, you can bring it closer to patients, use refrigerators in doctors' office, drugstores, mass vaccination clinics easily..." (1/2) #AMRstaff 

On Sinema/Manchin, @BrendanBuck : "The fact they put their word out and said they won't give in to the filibuster I think is a big win. The reality is, they probably don't have the votes to do a lot of things they want to do via getting rid of the filibuster anyway." #AMRstaff 

'This is unacceptable' Dr. Amesh Adalja says about vaccine rollout @AmeshAA  @MSNBC 

President @JoeBiden  talked to #Putin , they agreed to extend New START 5 yrs. Biden raised Solar Winds hack, reports Russia put bounties on U.S troops in Afghanistan, 2020 election interference, Navalny poisoning, made clear U.S. will act firmly to defend own interests & allies

Senate votes on @RandPaul  motion to dismiss impeachment charge with 45 senators supporting dismissal, only 5 GOP Senators voting a trial is even legal. Hard to see how they come up with 17 Republicans to convict


I have covered 7 Presidents. I have never seen a POTUS use the Rose Garden or any White House platform to launch a political attack against his opponent for reelection, a campaign rally barely disguised as a faux news conference. All during a pandemic and a recession

Powerful comment: Bishop Marian Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of DC says she is outraged that @realDonaldTrump  used StJohn’s (without asking them) as a backdrop for his photo op after clearing protesters “what we are witnessing now is the shredding of our national fabric” @CNN 

I asked a man I know what he thought of the debate. He said: “The debate was over when she said Mr. Vice President you are interrupting me” #mansplaining 

The President of the United States energized Neo Nazi White Supremacists by refusing to denounce them and telling them to Stand Back and Stand By. Within an hour they had new shoulder patches designed. Think about that

Read the fine print: Turkey gets Syrian Kurd land he’s wanted for years. Kurdish fighters have to disarm and get out. Russia gains influence. ISIS does what it wants. Trump cancels sanctions on Turkey. Art of the deal!!! If you are Erdogan

One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days

How can he justify stopping all immigration globally because of the pandemic at the same time he’s suggesting it’s safe for states to start going back to work by May 1st or sooner?