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This is unbelievable. Chinese “wet” markets are back in business and still selling bats. #coronavirus  #COVID19  #CCPVirus  #WuhanVirus 

The Economist chart: Having given the world the coronavirus, China now has the world’s best-performing stockmarket via @VIM84437144 

Column’s up: Hell's Kitchen pastor helping keep faith alive during coronavirus crisis: Devine

Column’s up: Sydney elites in coronavirus isolation lash out at ‘dobbers’

Viral load matters, it seems. Keep interactions within six feet to only six seconds... These Coronavirus Exposures Might Be the Most Dangerous @nytimes ⁩

Column’s up: Impeachment was a dire distraction from coronavirus - and the Dems are still at it

Are you kidding, NBC? Group behind Central Park's COVID-19 field hospital run by antigay evangelist

Tragic bus driver records his fury at a passenger coughing without covering her mouth. Four days later he gets sick with #coronavirus  Now he’s dead. RIP

Close the lid and flush to not spread the virus. Yuk.


Column’s up: To nobody’s surprise, the dishonestly partisan impeachment operation to remove Donald Trump has failed. All the Democrats have done is make the President more popular and unite Republicans around him.

Column’s up: Candace Owens' Blexit movement is Dems' worst nightmare

Green ideology, not climate change, to blame for Australia’s bushfire catastrophe - truer today than it was a decade ago

How did Australia let this happen? Chinese property company flew 90 tons of medical supplies to Wuhan incl. 100,000 protective coveralls, 900,000 pairs of medical gloves, surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves, Panadol.

Linking the bushfire disaster in NSW to climate change is "an absolute nonsense" and reducing fuel loads in the Australian bush is urgently needed, a leading scientist says.

Al Gore has arrived in Australia here to preach global warming apocalypse in the middle of a record cold snap with snow falls in places you wouldn’t imagine. The heavens mock the false prophet.

Column’s up: Pot is proven to trigger mental illness in the young or genetically susceptible. Mental illness among young Americans is sharply on the rise as pot is decriminalised and use increases. Most mass shooters are mentally ill. Join the dots.

#JeffreyEpstein victim Virginia Roberts outside a New York courthouse today, tells the world’s media that Prince Andrew “knows exactly what he has done. I hope he comes clean about it”.

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Sophistry from Greens leader Richard Di Natale - for years his party and greenies inside bureaucracies like NSWPWS have obstructed hazard reduction, whether by fire, bulldozer or cattle grazing in national parks. Submissions to bushfire inquiries damn them