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Latest Scoops

Press Release, San Francisco, July 21, 1998. #cDc https://t.co/H83dizcqsl
Together with @dualcoremusic, of course.
Ross Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts of Silk Road) has been in jail for 5 years now. He joined Twitter today: @RealRossU
A warning sign at Heathrow.
Also, Bitmain just invested $50 million in the Opera browser, becoming the biggest shareholder. Opera is one of the most popular browsers in Africa. https://t.co/vbauGG8o3k
Microsoft has started a new Bug Bounty for their log-in and identity services (including Azure). A multi-factor authentication bypass pays up to $100,000. https://t.co/0YFMOj6mgo
Turns out, this airline has had interesting paintjobs on their planes before.
why is there a guy painted on the side of our plane
The reviews are worth reading. https://t.co/ZG7GwRt7u2
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