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Th @flipperarcadee museum also has a really weird coin-op game from East Germany, Williams playfield found from a barn and an arcade Commodore 64! Great stuff.
More photos from the Museum, including a basically unplayed F14 Tomcat prototype.
When you are close to Seligenstadt in Germany, make sure you visit the Flipper- und Arcademuseum (@flipperarcade). Awesome place and great atmosphere!
And thanks to @senadpalic & co for giving me a private tour!
⁦@Dead_Flip⁩ Look what I just played...
Fun fact. Pole Position was coded by Mr. Iwatani Tōru. Same guy who created Pac-Man.
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Installing a Commodore 64 and a 1581 floppy drive in a tower case. https://t.co/fcmJaa6QCH
To my followers who happen to be in the vicinity of Vaasa, Finland: The Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is running a Glitch Art exhibition. The exhibition includes, among others, a curated collection of early computer viruses. See https://t.co/07xnAw92Nh
In the meanwhile, 99.9% of Android phones still don’t run the latest version (v9, Pie). This is bad for security. https://t.co/1Z5rVGxs9k
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