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Latest Scoops

NIC card
DNS system
HTTP protocol
2FA authentication
OTP password
Five years ago today, the Twitter account of Associated Press was hacked. A fake tweet about an explosion in the White House confused high-frequency trading bots, causing Dow Jones Industrial Average to plummet 150 points momentarily.
ABS system
IBM machine
RAID disk
LCD display
TLA acronym
GDPR regulation
ATM machine
PIN number
HIV virus
RAS syndrome
We now have one month to go before GDPR.

Here's ten myths about GDPR, by our @ekoivune: https://t.co/4nIkmyiWd5
I did a short interview for @Voisterse. https://t.co/wTiqiggu4m
A bus at Helsinki airport.
Btw, their twitter has been unusually silent for 3 weeks now.
The attackers who hacked CCleaner had 1.65 million victims. They only targeted a very specific subset of them. In fact, they only targeted 40 users. https://t.co/qlUBTfgdtL
The FTP site of American Megatrends is keeping it real.

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