Michael Burgess, MD

Michael Burgess, MD

Congressman for Texas' 26th District, M.D. (Ob/Gyn) in my former life

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Just providing a bit of flexibility to the Paycheck Protection Program can free up funds to help #SmallBiz  - Speaker Pelosi needs to take 15 minutes and come to the negotiating table.

There are THREE #COVID19  vaccine candidates with positive data in the final stage of trial. Each has demonstrated high efficacy.

#ICYMI With final trial results of a 94.1 % effective #COVID19  vaccine, @moderna_tx  has applied for an Emergency Use Authorization with @US_FDA 

Today’s Doctor’s Note discusses updates in the fight against COVID-19:

Over last 17 years, with strong and sustained bipartisan support of @PEPFAR , the U.S. government has invested >$85 billion in the global #HIV /AIDS response – the most ever devoted to a single disease. The US remains committed to ending the global AIDS epidemic. #WorldAIDSDay2020 

The @CDCgov  launched “Coping-19” a webpage of resources to help focus on health habits to stay mentally and physically healthy during this public health emergency.

If you… • Have never had COVID-19 • Recovered from COVID-19 • Currently have COVID-19 • Treat patients with COVID-19 …then @HHSGov  has resources for you:

I’m glad that companies in TX-26 are choosing to invest in charging stations for EVs. In Congress I will continue to support this emerging and innovative industry through bills like the EV MAP Act I introduced last week.

Hopefully the US will follow soon, after @US_FDA  finishes reviewing trial data.


America stands for freedom. America must #StandWith HongKong The Chinese Communist Party is showing that it will stop at nothing to back out of its 1997 commitment to honor Hong Kong's laws and freedoms.

I asked for a public hearing on #COVID19  in February. The same Democrats who now want to blame @realDonaldTrump  for this crisis dismissed my request.

RT if you are thankful for doctors, nurses, and all public health workers who have tirelessly cared for the sick through times of uncertainty.

Roughly 4 million American jobs can be attributed to the oil industry. Transitioning that industry out is not just bad policy but bad for the economy.

Speaker Pelosi simply can't accept the results of the 2016 election. Instead of providing relief for Americans suffering from this pandemic, she is now focused on putting together a commission to invoke the 25th Amendment. RT if you agree that her priorities are misplaced.

China's early mishandling of the Coronavirus, along with its blatant theft of IP, human rights abuses, and suppression of civil liberties, has shown how important it is to hold the country's leaders accountable.

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At least FOUR times THIS Congress, @HouseGOP  worked to protect preexisting conditions. Each time Dems blocked the vote and looked to the courts to solve our legislative battles.