Michael Burgess, MD

Michael Burgess, MD

Congressman for Texas' 26th District, M.D. (Ob/Gyn) in my former life

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What we have witnessed tonight w/ the FBI invading a former President’s home is unprecedented and unnecessary. No admin should be allowed to politically weaponize the DOJ or the FBI. Congress must conduct oversight and these agencies must provide clear reasoning for this action.

And the disinfection of the Executive Branch can’t start soon enough.

Kitchen staples are at an all time high. #Bidenflation  has forced American families to play a game of 'this or that,' when they decide what to spend their money on.

In grade school we learned about supply & demand. Hate to rain on your parade @POTUS  but gas prices are declining as the demand decreases. Looks like there isn't much to celebrate.

My thoughts are with Uma Pemmaraju’s family and friends. I will always remember her grace during one of my first interviews when I started out in politics on CBS11.

#ICYMI Before I managed the rule for budget reconciliation on the House floor, I joined @newsmax  on #WakeUpAmerica  with @KatrinaSzish  sharing that pumping more money into our economy with the #InflationExpansionAct  will bring even more inflation to our nation. #Bidenflation 

If the #BidenAdministration  wants to reduce inflation, it should increase the country’s production of energy, but instead, it’s pushing for the #InflationReductionAct  which will have just a “small effect” on the problem.

According to the @USCBO  the increase in interest rates included in this legislation will cost taxpayers an extra 100 billion dollars this year ALONE. Americans deserve better. #InflationExpansionAct 

The IRS is coming after you. They're coming after you with poorly trained technicians, and it just isn't right. ✋🎤 @housebudgetGOP 


America stands for freedom. America must #StandWith HongKong The Chinese Communist Party is showing that it will stop at nothing to back out of its 1997 commitment to honor Hong Kong's laws and freedoms.

Insulin and epipens are not new. They have been saving lives for decades. Disappointed in the Biden Administration for delaying savings for the families and patients dependent on these drugs.

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One way or another Canada will still be shipping oil to the US, but coming via the Keystone XL Pipeline would result in at least 28% lower CO2 emissions.

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China's early mishandling of the Coronavirus, along with its blatant theft of IP, human rights abuses, and suppression of civil liberties, has shown how important it is to hold the country's leaders accountable.

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It's simple, Pelosi is wrong to allow a member of Congress who tested positive for #COVID19  6 days ago to show up on the House floor & vote today. Americans are hurting b/c of this pandemic and don't appreciate the "do what I say not what I do" attitude coming from Pelosi.

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Since February 1st, over ONE MILLION undocumented migrants have been apprehended at our southern border.