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"Look it up. I don't care which country you are, if you are violating human rights... if you are committing war crimes, you will hear [from] this Member of Congress. " @RashidaTlaib  , speaking to me, & responding to critics who say she only picks on Israel:

This is a former Trump administration official & current senior fellow at the Claremont Institute. They're not hiding this stuff. The question is: where on earth are @SenSchumer , @SpeakerPelosi , & @POTUS  as Republicans go full white supremacist? Why the silence from top Dems?

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Carlson attacking SNL years ago for mocking Crenshaw’s eye patch and then mocking Crenshaw’s eye patch himself now tells you everything you need to know about right-wing faux outrage. It’s faux faux faux!

"What I am saying is that the Murdochs *are* responsible for putting hosts on air who say almost the exact same stuff that the alleged shooter in Buffalo said. And that should both scare and outrage the rest of us." My monologue last night on Rupert & co:

I'll be live on @MSNBC  as a guest on @allinwithchris , reacting to the latest primary election results shortly after 9pm Eastern.

Stefanik, according to this piece, is of Czech and Italian descent. Some of the most anti-immigrant people are the descendants of immigrants and refugees (see also: Miller, Stephen)

"I'm not laughing & I am guessing nor are the families of the 1000s of American troops & the 100s of 1000s of Iraqis who died in that war." My response to George W. Bush's bizarre Freudian slip, confusing Ukraine & Iraq, while hosting #MSNBCPrime  tonight:

"Make no mistake. We are in a late spring surge right now. Community spread is high in most places, hospitalizations are going up in many others." This Covid piece from @gregggonsalves  is your #mustread  of the day:


Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:

So folks have been comparing the weird @GMB  morning show interview with the climate activist in the UK with *that* scene from #DontLookUp . So we at the @MehdiHasanShow  put them side by side & the results are.. astounding. Reality mirroring art! Watch:

Election officials are saying they fear for their lives. The president's son is calling for "total war." The president's former top adviser is calling for the beheading of the FBI chief. But yeah, those of us who talk of authoritarianism & fascism, we're the alarmists, right?

Putin. Orban. Le Pen. We talk a lot in the West about the rise of far-right authoritarians & yet we never mention India's Narendra Modi and his BJP. On the @MehdiHasanShow , I did a deep-dive into India under Modi & new warnings of an anti-Muslim genocide:

"The fundamental unavoidable reality at the heart of the [Israel-Palestine] conflict is that there is an asymmetry of power here. One side is the occupier. The other side is occupied." Me, tonight, on why we shouldn't just talk of 'clashes' in Jerusalem:

This is a civilized city! They're blue-eyed and blond-haired! This is Europe, not the Third World! Tonight on @MSNBC , @AymanM  and I discussed some of the awful and, frankly, racist coverage of the Ukraine war & Ukrainian refugees compared to the MidEast:

GOP Congressman@Jim_Jordan , again, last week claimed he'd never gone on television and suggested the election was stolen. So my team and I, at the @MehdiHasanShow , put together some receipts. Play the tape! (Enjoy!)

He's lying. He's fucking lying. And people are dying. It's an outrage. Be outraged. FFS. How are we okay with this?