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Happily married to Doug, crazy in love with my children Yates, Yardley, and Thatcher, journalist.

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We tried to leave a note for the Fed Ex guy not long ago telling him not to leave packages on the front porch. Strudwick ate it.

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Megyn Kelly Details Her Travel Nightmare with Air France, "Guillaume" and "Louis" - YouTube

. @benshapiro ⁩ is always excellent, but this show on that @SenatorHawleyMO ⁩ gender exchange yesterday is 🔥 ⬇️

The great @johnrich  just dropped a new song called "Progress” - a patriotic anthem - and it’s AMAZING! Download here ⬇️

Hooray for the successful revival of Live PD, canceled b/c of the woke mob for no reason other than it featured cops. It’s back w/a new name and it’s beating every show in cable in the key younger demo. Go @danabrams ⁩ & team!

Strudwick: sorry, not sorry. Thunder: I tried to stop him.

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So, so sorry to read this. Uma was a pro and always had a kind word for others - she was taken too soon. Sending love and prayers to her family. 🙏🏻


PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?

Whether you are pro-abortion or not, this was the right decision legally. You may not like it, but you were lied to by the Roe & Casey justices who told you abortion was a constitutional right. This Court set things straight & now it’s where it belongs: in the hands of the ppl.

Because everything is racist. Everything. Even fighting back against terrorists who kill Americans. Nike, feeling proud?

Unusual activity at the Vatican as reports break that Pope Francis may be about to resign. (And we are there!)

That “meteorologist’s” name is @JaniceDean . She’s a working mom w/MS who is married to a hero 9/11 fireman. She lost both in-laws in NY nursing homes thx to Cuomo’s disastrous orders & so yeah, she gets an opinion. She also epitomizes class & kindness. Remember those?

Biden can’t control Trump; keeps asking Wallace to help him. Not a good look. Handle it Mr. VP

The pathetic spineless leak of a draft SCOTUS opinion has the feel of something a sad little woke 20-something-year-old would do. The kind of person who thinks their personal agenda is “more important.” Whoever did it should lose their law license.

This is crazy. He helped Biden draft his speech on Sat night, without disclosing that fact to the audience (or anyone?), then reacted to the speech live on the air as a paid MSNBC contributor. Let me guess- he liked it?

This is so well done. Classic boy who cried wolf. No one believes them anymore.

So Schiff coordinated w/whistle-blower from the start. And Blasey-Ford ran to Democrat partisan lawyers/reps in Kavanaugh. And those who said, maybe politics is at play, get dismissed as Trump sycophants. Come on.