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Interview with journalism professor Nikki Usher on the return of partisan news outlets, how big news organizations are increasingly by and for elites, and more (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism)

NYT's Choire Sicha is stepping down as Styles editor to become a senior editor working on expanding the paper's newsletter portfolio (The New York Times Company)

Q&A with the London-based author of the Suez Canal update website , reflecting on the joys and stresses of going viral ( / Galaxy Brain) @cwarzel 

Simon & Schuster says it won't distribute the book written by one of the police officers who shot Breonna Taylor last year, to be published by Post Hill Press@michaelgrothaus  / Fast Company)

As news outlets grapple with whether to show the video of Adam Toledo's shooting, Block Club Chicago chose to run one version of the story with and one without @skeery  / Nieman Lab)

In a letter to artists, Apple says it pays a penny per stream, roughly double Spotify, which pays an average of about one-third to half a penny per stream @AnneMarieSteele  / Wall Street Journal)

Google adds brand safety feature intended for small advertising teams to create dynamic exclusion lists that automatically add new web pages and domains (Adweek)

Firefox and major Chromium browsers, including Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi, decline to join FLoC, Google's proposed ad technology to replace third-party cookies @backlon  / The Verge)


Fox News host Sean Hannity joined colleague Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night in retracting story alleging CNN had scripted a high school student's question ( / Hollywood Reporter)

Newsweek's Eichenwald implied a link among Trump, Wikileaks, and Russia that doesn't hold up

Chicago PD shuts down its arrest API, used by journalists to access arrest data, after Chicago Reporter used it to reveal that CPD had inflated looting claims (Chicago Reporter)

Maker Media, the company behind Make: magazine and the festival Maker Faire, is laying off all of its 22 employees and pausing all operations @JoshConstine  / TechCrunch)

NPR says it has decided not to use the word "lie" to describe Trump's false claims

Trump budget cuts would cause "the collapse of the public media system itself," says CPB CEO