Max Keiser, tweet po

Max Keiser, tweet po

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#Perfect UK, like Thomas Cook, going under with millions of jobs lost. Racism and greed doesn’t pay like they used to. 😂😂😂

Greta’s message is going directly into the brains of her generation. Do something now, kids. Or perish... That simple.

Climate disaster denier’s definition of a ‘commie’.

Climate change? What climate change? 😂😂😂

Who’s more impactful and timely in our era.

Don’t worry. Tomorrow, Greta’s speech will be forgotten and you can go back to incinerating your kids for heroin. 😂😂😂

‘Commit all fraud you need as long as you support the US dollar’ – Max Keiser on JP Morgan scandal


As I've stated many times before, I quit my BBC show because of their standing edict that I could not mention Israel in any context.

When I worked for I was told by Paul Gibbs to stick to the govt’s ‘unwritten but understood’ script. In protest I quit. I have never encountered anything like this at RT, France24, Press TV, Al Jazeera, or CBS.

God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians.

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The bailout of Citibank was more than 10 X's bigger than Greece. Nobody batted an eyelash.

Poloniex deal signals “all clear” to Wall St. to pour billions (if not trillions) into crypto. 2018 pullback is done. Charts are bullish. $28,000 in play. Sticking to my 2011 call, BTC hits $100,000.

Bullshit. , I can say from first hand experience working there, is state sponsored propaganda. The least impartial of the bunch. #scum 

Necessity is the mother of invention. Venezuela is attempting to fight hyperinflation with a new (hopefully, if done right) deflationary crypto currency, the “petro”. As a crypto and digital currency pioneer and inventor, I support this initiative and encourage others to do same.