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Working on a Trump Wins prewrite and it’s honestly hard, not because it’s impossible for him to win but that it definitely requires some X Factor other than a normal kind of polling error.

@NateSilver538  “Dems have a shot in places like Montana, South Carolina, and Texas” sounds bullish whereas “Republicans have modest leads in MT, SC, and TX” sounds bearish even though they convey the same factual information.

The idea that Politicians Disagreeing About Judicial Nominations is a cyclical process that has a beginning point just seems ahistorical and wrong.

It seems like a halfway sensible country would bail out bars and restaurants instead of opening indoor dining, and give teachers hazard pay bonuses instead of closing schools.

I also think Republicans in general are not as hurt by scandals or bizarre behavior because to an extent it crowds out policy storylines that are also bad for them. Nominating smart, competent Mitt Romney left plenty of newshole for his health care cuts & regressive tax plan.

My explainer on Trump’s second term agenda

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But it’s a return to Bush-era conservative orthodoxy


It’s genuinely funny that — going back to well before the diagnosis — Trump has no idea what a realistic photograph of a busy person working would look like.

It’s very ... something ... that mainstream antiabortion politics in the United States also involves making it harder to get contraceptives and prenatal and neonatal health care and opposes creating a paid parental leave program.

One piece of good news for the first family (and the country) is that they have comprehensive health insurance — exactly what they are suing in court to take away from millions of people less fortunate than them.

Every Republican in congress has chosen, over and over again, to let a criminal ransack the government for years in order to better pursue the higher cause of cutting the corporate income tax and making it harder for people to get health care benefits.

So Trump got his diagnosis but wasn’t feeling too sick yet, so in an effort to cover it up they failed to notify anyone he’d been in contact with at the debate and instead chose to spread the virus to new people. But then he got sicker and it unraveled. Is that about right?

The Chinese madam selling access to the president via his private beach club in Florida is a mind-boggling scandal but we’re really and truly numb at this point.

Let’s settle this here. What’s your vote?

Why is Joe Biden sticking with a strategy that has built him a large and consistent lead rather than adopting a different one that would be more entertaining for the campaign press corps?