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@ObsoleteDogma  I think the part where he had to unseat Donald Trump, who is now widely admired by America's Evangelical Christians, might be more surprising.

It’s such an obvious way to do politics but I really like that Biden’s immigration proposal is just a list of ideas he thinks are detached from congressional politics or hypothetical bargaining frameworks. That’s how to set the stage for compromise.

Do presidents have like a second secret office somewhere where they get a modern-style office chair and a desk with a computer on it?

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The answer is: Yes, there’s a private office adjacent to the Oval Office.

We’re on the verge of a potential crisis in the Politics Content industry as we get competent administration of government and not that much in the way of dramatic legislation.

Disappointed that Day One did not feature an executive order directing the Space Force to switch to naval ranks. The struggle continues. Can’t just go back to brunch.

A captain commands a starship and reports to an admiral. Everyone knows this.

The subtle pairing of a fireworks display with Katy Perry singing “Firework” and then Tom Hanks says “oh yeah! Fireworks!” Love it.


Clearly the answer to yesterday’s failures is to defund the Capitol Police and instead hire a squad of social service providers to tackle the real root causes of the violence.

The Chinese madam selling access to the president via his private beach club in Florida is a mind-boggling scandal but we’re really and truly numb at this point.

Both the the heavy handed federal police presence in DC over the summer and the nonexistent national guard presence today were direct consequences of the fact that DC is not a state and lacks self-government in crucial respects.

A lot of the opprobrium being heaped on Hawley & Cruz is conveniently ignoring Kevin McCarthy, far and away the most senior congressional figure trying to overturn the election results.

What I haven’t seen from any GOP members is contrition; not condemnation of others but acknowledgment that they went along with an irresponsible course of action that ended in disaster.

It’s weird that none of Biden’s senior staff hires are unqualified members of his immediate family.

This is how Republicans react to an electoral system that's slanted 2-6 points in their favor.

I know impeachment 13 days before Inauguration feels crazy but: a) There is literally no other check on pardon power b) In the District of Columbia, all crimes are federal crimes so there’s no state charge you can bring against violent mobs acting at the president’s behest