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Great piece, but really maddening that this isn’t done everywhere.

Game theoretically, if I were a donor I’d rather the fundraisers be open press because otherwise anything the candidate says is cheap talk he can always go back on.

I also think this is what everyone misses about the various “privately congressional Republicans are disgusted by Trump blah blah blah” stories. Somehow, they only ever say that to people who don’t like Trump and it’s a fallacy to believe secret statements are more honest.

@MattZeitlin  Sure, but the general consensus is that the US is a right-wing country despite our nationalized passenger railroad, our municipal water companies, and our state-owned postal enterprise.

He’s the only candidate in the race prepared to withstand a WMD attack.

Wait Joe Pesci’s character was the boss of ... Scranton, not Philly?

I regret to report that the backlash to the backlash to the Peloton ad has now become dumber than the original backlash ever was.

I kind of feel like Democrats are stumbling toward a set of intraparty fundraising norms that’s supposed to advantage leftists fueled by small donors, but at scale is going to advantage rich people who can self-finance.

Read this thread ... upshot is that while Biden is obviously ahead, Bernie is closer to winning this thing than a lot of people realize.


The fact that each random billionaire’s thoughts on Elizabeth Warren is a news story is itself a powerful demonstration of the disproportionate political influence of the very rich.

Trump: “Having lost the popular vote but assumed office anyway, I passed unpopular legislation thanks to a gerrymandered House and am now relying on the unrepresentativeness of the senate to get away with a huge crime spree.” Journalists: The country is too polarized.

Genuinely the most harmful person in American politics of my lifetime. Not nearly as cringe-inducing as Trump. But smarter, more deliberate, and much more damaging over the years.

Way back in the year 2016 it was considered so obviously inappropriate for an attorney general to be directly involved with a politically sensitive case that the mere fact that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had a conversation was considered scandalous.

If you work at Facebook and have a conscience, note that when Facebook takes criticism from conservative politicians, Zuckerberg tries to change things up to appease critics whereas when it takes criticism from progressive politicians he vows to “go to the mat” to fight them.

If you’re concerned about the health risks of vaping, you’re going to really lose it when I tell you about guns.

Trump has vetoed five bills as president — four of them were efforts to reduce US support for Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese madam selling access to the president via his private beach club in Florida is a mind-boggling scandal but we’re really and truly numb at this point.