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Matt Frei

Now Channel 4 Presenter and Europe Editor. Author of Italy the Unfinished Revolution and Only in America. Still husband of 1 and father of 4.

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Ousted by his own party surely, the traditional way

@BorisJohnson is the third Prime Minister to be brought down by @BorisJohnson . Best line of the week from Sunday Times

30c in the late morning, climate for better wine, 4 Prime Ministers in 6 years. We are becoming Italy…

I suggest the whole country spends a day watching this.

Tree of the millennium surely

That’s why they cancelled the 3rd debate. But damage already done !

Wonderful that Alex Jones is finally getting his rightful payback. But what about the companies who paid him all that money knowing that he was peddling hatred and lies?

@afneil  FBI search is as unprecedented as Trump himself or his claim that the election was stolen. Unprecedented seems to be the new precedent.


If the government is now describing the 400 million quid owed to Tehran as a legitimate debt why could they not have done so five years ago and spared #NazaninZaghariRatcliffe  all that time in jail?

Italy records 368 new deaths in one day. Worse than the deadliest day in Wuhan.

Some Tories are talking about @BorisJohnson  as if he was an aberration foisted upon them. They made him. They own him.

Lot of resentment in the gated community (Downing Street) that mostly junior and female staff have been handed fines from the Met. Not the bosses who called the shots to break the rules they had made. Will #SueGrayReport  correct that?

Just when some have been saying that PSB is dying slowly, @Channel4News  added on 24% more viewers from Jan to April and 44% in 16 to 32 year olds, more than any other broadcaster. Ukraine war, partygate, great story telling

May is blaming the EU for tying HER hands in a backstop that she orig, requested to satisfy HER red lines. No wonder EU pulling hair out

Brexit was all about taking back control. Never has EU had more control than now. Revoking 50 gets it back without scorching economy

It is absurd that we have Hungary in the EU, even though the just re-elected Orban mocks Brussles and Zelensky in his victory speech, while Ukraine’s membership is left at the door for now.