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Matt Frei

Now Channel 4 Presenter and Europe Editor. Author of Italy the Unfinished Revolution and Only in America. Still husband of 1 and father of 4.

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There have been no lateral flow tests in any London pharmacy I have gone to for almost two weeks now.

Hong Kong press freedom has been trampled on. The Joint Declaration with U.K. has been rendered worthless. It’s now One country One system. Not a squeak from the business community.

@Channel4News led on it tonight

If I can’t remember whether I went to a party or not I would worry about my cognitive ability.

@Channel4News tonight at7pm @cathynewman  in N10, @krishgm  at Windsor Castle on two men in trouble and I’m in #Kyiv  where a whole country feels like a geo political football.

Overheard in Brussles: “one more lockdown and No10 becomes the new Berghain” (Berlin’s most notorious nightclub)

How prophetic the words of @BorisJohnson  after his majority….”you have lent us your support.” How short a loan? Red/blue wall MPs in panic tonight with short term sense of loyalty

Maybe you have something to do with that? Just maybe.


Italy records 368 new deaths in one day. Worse than the deadliest day in Wuhan.

The best thing the Met could/should have done tonight for some obvious reasons was to stay on the sidelines. Their heavy hand is astonishing

Big question: why did govt abandon test, trace, isolate policy it had adopted at start and which has served South Korea and others so well?

Sr EU official asks me if we have become “a rogue state”? Others point out that trust is now shredded. If WA so bad why did UK ever sign it?

Why are London hospitals overflowing when we have all these nightingale hospitals? What happened to them? Beds but no staff?

Italy is set to overtake China for #coronavirus  deaths. WHO believes virus has entered healthcare system. Not testing NHS staff cld do same

National treasure/local hero @jonsnowC4  on Rugby Street. He has mastered the art of presenting and reporting from the field, from the studio, from the heart. A joy to work with and to watch. Thank you Jon

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Britain on cusp of no deal Brexit and with EU pulling up draw bridges to keep new strain of Covid out: that island thing not working out

If DC vision was weird why did he drive for half an hour endangering his child?