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'I don’t agree with her on anything,' California Democrats say of Liz Cheney — as they donate to her race

In the run-up to a politically uncomfortable meeting with the Saudi crown prince believe responsible for the gruesome murder of a journalist, Biden and top aides have been tying themselves in knots to avoid politically uncomfortable truths @EliStokols 

Moving @jvgarrison  portrait of a son dealing with the sins of his father, former Defense Secretary and prosecutor of the Vietnam War Robert McNamara

Severe drought is changing how folks think about recycled water. Just don't call it "toilet to tap" @j_dingdingding 

“This was an absolutely huge crime. One of the largest jewelry heists ever. We are talking gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and loads of luxury watches.” @LAcrimes 

Focus on the economy, not ‘critical race theory’ or sex ed: Inside Democrats’ plan to win back parents @cmsub ⁩

"The battlefield effect leaves Ukrane treading a fine line. Zelensky continues to issue forceful pleas for more weaponry, at the same time depicting a landscape in which Ukraine may be poised to gain the upper hand." @TracyKWilkinson  @LauraKingLAT 

The Jan. 6 hearings have drawn millions of viewers, offered a strong case for Trump’s prosecution and illustrated in lurid detail the pathology of the ex-president But they haven’t change a great many minds or altered the way most see the midterm election

Even this ardent SF Giants fan and fierce LA Dodgers hater recognizes his greatness. RIP


Democrats have spoken for years of turning Texas blue. Thanks to President Trump, that's finally happening -- in the suburbs, at least. @melmason 

Sources say president has "retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment."-->

NEWS: Steve Knight just called Katie Hill to concede in CA25. A Democratic pickup and a big political shift for the once-strongly conservative high desert outside Los Angeles.

Short thread, with some history--> It is rare for sitting presidents to lose at the polls. Incumbents seeking a second term have won 17 of 24 times since 1860, a better than 70% success rate. The last president to lose his reelection bid was George H.W. Bush in 1992/1

Trump riles base with break on DACA, then Tweets Hillary being clubbed with golf ball. Coincidence? Not hardly. It's tactical diversion...

Fun fact: If Dianne Feinstein wins in November and stays in office through 2022, she will become the longest-serving U.S. senator in California history, surpassing the 28 years Hiram Johnson served starting in 1917.