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After motorcade from the WH, Pres Trump boards Air Force One for flight to Las Vegas for political events including fundraiser for and speech to Nevada Republican Party. (Pool photo @smeghaniAP)
.@VP will also be campaigning on Saturday:
-in PA. for re-election of Rep @KeithRothfus
-in SC for re-election of Gov @henrymcmaster
Pres Trump also campaigns for McMaster on Monday. Tweeted for him on Friday.
Without a shadow of a doubt, @POTUS casts a shadow at his campaign rally in Duluth Wednesday night, (Official WH Photo posted today by D. Myles Cullen.)
DefSec Mattis "indefinitely" suspends select military exercises with South Korea. Action follows Mattis meeting about Trump/Kim Summit with @SecPompeo, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen Dunford and NSA Bolton. @ChiefPentSpox says addtl suspensions will depend on negotiations with NK.
It's politics on Saturday for Pres Trump. He travels to Las Vegas to address the Nevada Republican Party Convention. He'll also do a @NRSC fundraiser with @SenDeanHeller, up for re-election.
Separated children / border security / immigration bills lead the network evening newscasts tonight.
The Evening Parade performance at the US Marine Barracks in Washington, cancelled due to the weather. Pres & Mrs Trump were scheduled to attend.
"We will not rest until our borders are secure," says @POTUS, but doesn't mention he told House Republicans today to "stop wasting their time" on immigration legislation, until more Republicans elected in November.
Don Rosenberg holds photo of his 25-year-old son Drew, killed in 2010 in a car accident allegedly caused by individual who entered the US illegally. Rosenberg says he's fighting Sanctuary State status in California.
Ray Tranchant tells @POTUS and @VP of losing his 16-year-old daughter Tessa in 2007 to an illegal alien drunk driver.
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