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Developments in yesterday's Miami bridge collapse again leads all of the network evening newscasts.
Asked about the trillion dollar increase in the Debt on the president's watch, @PressSec said "of course he's still concerned." She said the Admin continues to look for ways to cut the Government including through deregulation and eliminating inefficiencies.
US Treasury reports National Debt has topped $21-trillion dollars for first time. It represents an increase of over $1-trillion since Pres Trump took office. As a candidate, Pres Trump said he would eliminate the Debt during 8 years in office.
The Taiwan Travel Act was passed by voice vote in the House in January, and by unanimous consent a month later.
Text of the Taiwan Travel Act can be read at https://t.co/h5uLGFLz6M
The Taiwan Travel Act expresses the sense of Congress about closer contacts with Taiwan, and does not impose a binding policy on the Administration. Under the Shanghai Communique with China, the US commits to limit contacts with Taiwan to unofficial relations.
Pres Trump has signed the "Taiwan Travel Act," encouraging closer contacts between US and Taiwanese officials, despite restrictions imposed by US agreement with China.
Sanders said Chief of Staff Kelly sought to reassure staff about personnel changes. Said "no immediate personnel changes at this time - and that people shouldn't be concerned." Says he urged them to come to work and do the best job they can.
"We don't have any personnel changes at this time," says @PressSec. Says Pres Trump had meetings with McMaster today, Calls McMaster "dedicated public servant." Says our focus not on job changes but on big issues like Korea and Iran.
At WH Briefing, @Marcshort45 says it would take 11½ years for all of Pres Trump's nominees to be confirmed due to Senate Dems obstruction.
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