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Bills signed today by Pres Trump puts him at over 300 on the bill-signing scoreboard. At the same point in his presidency, Obama had signed 276 bills.
Congressional Gold Medals to honor foreign leaders are rare but not unprecedented. One was awarded to Israeli Pres Shimon Peres in 2014; to Myanmar activist Aung San Suu Kyi in 2008; the Dalai Lama in 2006; and British PM Tony Blair in 2003.
Pres Trump today signed bill providing for the posthumous award of a Congressional Gold Medal to Egyptian Pres Anwar Sadat (1970-1981), to mark his centennial and to honor his contributions to middle east peace.
Network evening newscasts leading across-the-board tonight with death of Strasbourg, France shooting suspect in showdown with police there.
Distancing Pres Trump from Inaugural Committee operations, Sanders says "that doesn’t have anything to do with the President or the First Lady." She said "the biggest thing" the president did in the Inauguration was to "raise his hand and take the Oath of Office."
.@PressSec says neither the President nor First Lady had anything to do with Inaugural Committee spending. Asked about a @WSJ report the Committee is s under investigation, Sanders said "the president was focused on the transition during that time and not on any other planning."
Pres Trump and some Cabinet officials meet with 13 Governors-elect - 8 GOP, 5 Dems - to offer congratulations and pledges of support. Said there were "some real stars" in the room. Gov-elect “Lou” Leon Guerrero of Guam, urged him not to forget Guam - "where America's day begins."
Pres Trump says he's down to 5 candidates for WH Chief of Staff. Calls them "really good ones. Terrific people. Mostly well known." Says they're undergoing interviews.
Mrs Trump greets children undergoing treatment at @childrenshealth and takes photos with them. Santa helps youngster present flowers.
At Children's National Hospital in DC, Mrs Trump makes annual holiday visit and reads to patients & families from "Oliver the Ornament."
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