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Pres notifies Congress he has issued Executive Order to expand US sanctions that can be imposed on Russia and others under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. Sanctions may include ban on financial transactions, denial of visas and entry into the US.
WH notes one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria landfall on Puerto Rico, dispatching delegation headed by @SecretaryCarson to "partnership meeting" with Gov Rossello to discuss "ongoing recovery efforts" and "continue building a stronger, more resilient Puerto Rico."
VP Pence calls for contributions to fund the addition of a "Wall of Remembrance" to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, so the names of 36,574 Americans "who gave the last full measure of devotion" on the Korean Peninsula will be memorialized.
“We will never relent in our effort to bring our missing fallen home," says @VP at Korean War Veterans Memorial.
In remarks, @VP says the Korean War Veterans Memorial a poignant reminder that "freedom is not free - and that we will always remember at the Korean War Veterans Memorial."
At Korean War Memorial, VP Pence presents American flag used at August 1 ceremony for return of remains of American MIAs. Then salute for playing of Taps.
My map of the states in which @POTUS has held 23 Trump campaign rallies since taking office. Includes tonight's event. Has held more than one in FL,-3 TN-2, PA-3, OH-3, WV-2, IN-2 and MT 2. This will be on the midterm, if not help decide it.
Pres Trump back on the road late this afternoon, embarking on a two day campaign trip. It kicks off this evening in Las Vegas, where he'll hold another of his MAGA campaign rallies, by my count, his 23rd since taking office, his 1st in Nevada, a state he lost in 2016.
By my count, Pres Trump's remarks today at the Emergency Operations Center in Conway, SC., brought his total of speeches, remarks and comments since taking office to 700. At same point in presidency, Obama was at 703. (Tweets not included)
Pres Trump nominating retiring Rep. @DarrellIssa to be Director of the United States Trade and Development Agency, which promotes US exports to help create American jobs.
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