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On this day in 1963, my uncle was killed by an assassin’s bullet. I was in 3rd grade at the time. I was taken out of class and sent home. This day is forever seared into my heart and mind.

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In this week’s #SundayPaper , veteran @latimes  columnist @LATstevelopez  shared an an excerpt from his new book, #IndependenceDay , where he explores retirement and who we are outside of our jobs. Click here to read his insight:

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who served on the @January6thCmte . It was tough and painstaking work. It was service to we the people! They acted as investigators, and they were in pursuit of the truth at every step of the way.

None of us should want anyone other than the very best person to occupy the highest office in our land. We should want that person to be filled with integrity, honesty, & a commitment to uphold the law of our land. It’s not about the party, it’s about the character of the person.

I mean it’s 2023. This is beyond belief.

Understood, but what about the bigger picture? Should we all not want Congress to have the nation’s best, regardless of party? Is that not something we can agree on, and can’t McCarthy rise above party politics for the good of the nation?

“No billionaire should be paying a tax rate lower than a teacher or firefighter.” Amen@POTUS  #sotu2023 

@POTUS  was forceful on banning assault weapons. “Do it now,” he said with a booming voice. “Let’s finish the job.”

My heart goes out to Senator@JohnFetterman  and his family. Millions of people suffer from depression. It takes courage and strength to seek treatment, especially if you are in a public position. May he be met with compassion ❤️


On this day in 1968, before many of you might even have been born, my uncle, Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down while running for president. Gunned down on his victory night. He left a devastated pregnant wife and ten children and a shattered extended family.

I have watched this several times. “Sir, you are out of line.” We all need to get out of line. The line we’ve been waiting in isn’t moving. The line we’ve been waiting in is stalled. Get out of line, speak up. We’ve waited in line for too long.

But here we are. So you say you want a revolution? Well we have one right here, right now.

As heartbroken as I am, as pissed off as I am, I refuse to be silent. I refuse to give up. Women across this country are going to rise up like you’ve never seen. If you thought we were a lot before, just wait.

I hear some on the news saying that women are panicking and scared. I don’t like the word panicking, it sounds hysterical. What we are is pissed off and angry, but also focused and committed. The majority of the country did not want this.

@GregAbbott_TX , @tedcruz , @JohnCornyn . Every one of you must answer for this. Do something right now, tonight, or get out.

The fact that @POTUS  Biden made this trip overseas is a big deal and should be applauded. His speech was powerful and it was powerful to see him meet refugees. This is leadership.

Liz Cheney to her Republican colleagues defending former President Trump: "There will be a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor remains."