President / National Assembly / Maduro

So basically Maduro’s idea is that he gets to serve a full term as the illegitimate President, but the legitimate & democratically elected National Assembly has early elections? And in a country where Maduro controls the media & his loyalists get to count the votes?

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President / National Assembly / Maduro

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“The same people who...claimed that it was a moral and patriotic imperative to protect the identity of a whistleblower...are now fine with a congressman unmasking the conversation of an adversarial journalist who isn’t under criminal investigation.

If you have time to read one thing this weekend, consider this. Thanks to Masha Gessen and the New Yorker for publishing.

Russia attacked our democracy, and their insidious reach is being abetted by those who parrot their propaganda. A sobering read on an angle that requires more attention by the press and Congress.

78 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we remain in awe of the heroic actions taken by the sailors and soldiers on that grim morning. We will never forget their bravery or their sacrifice. #PearlHarbor78  #PearlHarborRemembranceDay 

Larry Kudlow: "We are in an American workers' boom with respect to income and wages."

President Trump still uses his personal cell phone, despite warnings and increased call scrutiny

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Unions are the last line of defense for workers against corporate greed. In my first term we are going to double union membership nationwide. Join us live in Cedar Rapids:

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Democrats have just hoisted themselves on their own petard, guaranteeing Donald Trump re-election in 2020. #OpeningStatement