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20 years ago, America opened up trade with #China  believing once they became rich & prosperous they would become democratic & abide by trade rules It was a miscalculation that’s resulted in closed factories,lost jobs & hollowed out communities

Remember when Democratic leaders were demanding more briefings on election interference? Senate Intel Committee scheduled one today with Bill Evanina who leads our nations election security efforts Sen. Schumer had a temper tantrum over SupCt & used procedural move to cancel it

New study adds to the growing mountain of proof that China’s industrial policy was not a win-win proposition. For every 100 factories opened in China, 12.5 U.S. factories in the same industry disappeared. This cannot continue.

What is crooked cannot be made straight, and you cannot count what is not there. Ecclesiastes 1:15

#China is building vast new detention centers for Muslims in #Xinjiang 

As we have done for over two centuries we will have a legitimate & fair election It may take longer than usual to know the outcome,but it will be a valid one And at noon on Jan 20,2021 we will peacefully swear in the President

#China ordered police in #HongKong  to arrest @joshuawongcf ⁩ for wearing a mask The Communist Party of #China  continues to ramp up its repression of anyone who disagrees with them

Today the assault may be on Catholicism. But tomorrow, no religion will be safe from the same attacks And then the message will be clear,if you want to serve in public office,especially on the highest court in the land,only those willing to hide or deny their faith need apply.

They were already planning to do it anyway.

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Pray for this beautiful family. She hasn’t even been formally nominated & they are already being targeted with vicious lies & vile attacks. And because she is a conservative no attack will be considered improper or out of bounds.


The law still protects social media companies like @Twitter  because they are considered forums not publishers. But if they have now decided to exercise an editorial role like a publisher then they should no longer be shielded from liability & treated as publishers under the law.

Some in our media can’t contain their glee & delight in reporting that the U.S. has more #CoronaVirus  cases than #China  Beyond being grotesque,its bad journalism We have NO IDEA how many cases China really has but without any doubt its significantly more than why they admit to

. don’t forget to include on the list your girlfriend in Costa Rica & the ranch you bought her with the money you made from payments from drug traffickers.

Former Obama officials & their media protectors can howl all they want. It’s a FACT that as part of #IranDeal  they delivered $1.7 billion in cash to #Iran  And they did this even though Iran owes $55 billion in court ordered payments to American victims of Iranian terrorism

Very important for the nation to hear @potus  describe events in #Charlottesville  for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists 

A new & troubling allegation has emerged. A statement under penalty of perjury that #PalmBeachCounty  filled out new ballots to replace damaged ones without allowing campaign representative to witness the process of creating the new ballot as required by #Florida  law

This video,posted by an Independent Cong candidate in 18 (who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders in 16) purports to show BrowardCounty ballots being transported from polling places in private cars. Has anyone in local media looked into this claim or asked elections dept about it?

#SEBIN officials in #Venezuela  should reconsider the plan they have for tomorrow before it’s too late. You are about to cross a line & trigger a response that believe me you are not prepared to face. You still have time to avoid this.

Similar,but needs work on his form.Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time