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Top Four Chex Mix pieces! Yup, really. @tiffanyarment  and I ranked our favorite pieces to grab from the bowl of this ubiquitous party mix.

@stalman  @ijustineI  think the most powerful use of chapters isn’t to break your show into navigable topics, which most people assume it’s about (and dismiss it as not worthwhile). It’s to be able to *show* people what you’re talking about with an associated image or link URL.

Dropbox is ramping up the sleaze with misleading spam emails. They keep finding creative new ways to anger and alienate their customers.

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Considering dumping Nest for HomeKit Secure Video for a few low-needs outdoor cams. Anyone with HSV experience (Logitech Circle series, ideally) have anything to report about real-world use, performance, gotchas, etc. besides requiring one of the higher iCloud storage tiers?

Top Four: Face Masks 😷 After using many different masks over the last few months, and I ranked our favo @tiffanyarmentite  types, attributes, materials, and brands for varying circumstances.

Kid’s iPad charge port is getting flaky, often failing to charge until cable is wiggled, and quickly blackening that one pin on Lightning cables. Tried basic port cleaning to no avail. Any easy fix, or is “bring it in” the only option? (Bringing it in would suck right now.)

Wrote some scripts today related to MySQL replication, and the master/slave terminology instantly jumped out at me and felt very wrong. Raising awareness works. We should always keep working to find ways we're being insensitive or non-inclusive, and keep striving to get better.

Podcasters: don’t install the Big Sur beta unless you’re *sure* that your recording software works on it. For instance, if you use almost anything by Rogue AmoebaLoopback, Audio Hijack, Piezo… — it DOES NOT WORK yet on Big Sur:

Beta 4’s been rough on my iPhone. Lots of sluggish Springboard issues, camera failures, resprings on camera use. If you’re using the 14 betas and haven’t gone to 4 yet, maybe hold off until 5.


Fuck Spotify, and fuck any “podcast” that’s only playable in one app.

Whoever at Apple wrote this — a few days before WWDC! — should never be allowed to communicate with developers again. Let’s be clear, Apple: in addition to the $100/year developer fees and any search ads we buy, we add value to your highly profitable hardware FAR beyond the 30%.

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Some tips to those new to working at home: - do not buy chips - do not buy ice cream - only go to the kitchen at meal times - only lie down at bedtime - there is no such thing as “I’m just going to play this game for a few minutes” - you don’t need Twitter on your Mac “for work”

Well, I was in the right place at the right time.

Major new bugs introduced in iOS 13.2: - background downloads often hang forever and never run - apps get killed in the background so aggressively that iOS effectively doesn’t offer multitasking anymore …continuing the iOS 13 pattern of breaking long-held basic functionality.

The macOS security team needs to ask themselves hard questions about their implementation choices when very smart people are disabling huge parts of their OS security layer just to get reasonable performance from common tasks. macOS 10.15: Slow by Design

courage: (n.) the removal of a headphone jack from a phone today:

Come on, Elon, your cars are great. But you, as a person, continuously make us all ashamed to be owners. Please either resign and let an adult run the company, or stop talking — ideally both. And we all know that you’re not capable of one of those.