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Random woman, mom of 3 very cool kids. Presidential campaign correspondent NYTimes, analyst CNN. RTs don't nec mean agreement.

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“When you look under the hood, we are ahead in the majority of the battleground states, but we expect them to tighten because these are battleground states in a pretty polarized electorate,” said Ms. O’Malley Dillon.

@benpershing  @McCormickJohnR  @catherine_luceyight  - the and/but here is that some in Biden world recognize that the electorate is still pretty polarized and that spending on states that might be sugar-high polling bonuses right now could end up wasteful down the road when they only need 270.

NEW - A group of executives at companies from Apple to Facebook are asking Trump to refrain from further action that would impact DACA

“....their work and commitment to our companies, their families and communities are critical to our nation’s strength, especially since there are tens of thousands of DACA recipients working as front line doctors and nurses...fighting Covid-19.”

“This is no time to disrupt the economic recovery of our companies and communities, nor time to jeopardize the health and safety of these vulnerable individuals.”

Trump gave a confusing answer about his planned immigration EO last night, conflating it with a plan for DACA and invoking a "road to citizenship." The cleanup from WH was quick

Portland Place couple who confronted protesters have a long history of not backing down | Metro |

“Despite their often hero status, health care workers experience pressure that can be paralyzing.” The impact of the last four months on frontline health care workers is laid out in a painful piece about an ER doctor who took her own life.

“Just before the patient died, they looked at their nurse and said ‘I think I made a mistake, I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not,’” Appleby said.


Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say - The New York Times

This isn’t true; and there are few things more dangerous than a president or top official saying something like this to a scared public. Most people still can’t get tests.

US president says he should have left US citizens imprisoned by non-democratic regime because the family didn’t acknowledge him personally

Can’t get over this video, both for the fact that POTUS hates the thought of anyone laughing at him and for the fact that he long used “other countries are laughing at us” as an attack against his predecessors.

The president has told advisers he wants to find and prosecute whoever let it be known that he was in the bunker, per 3 ppl familiar with what he's said

Tear gas has been fired outside the White House at protesters who, on TV, appeared to have their hands raised or were not being aggressive, just chanting.

"Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country," says the president, who voted by mail in 2018.

Many news outlets the president calls fake had held off on reporting who the staffer was who got COVID, out of respect for concerns about privacy. The president then blurted out the name at an event this afternoon.

As you watch the simulcasts of Sinclair on-air staff reading scripts about the dangers that some reporters present to democracy, recall this: