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Maggie Haberman

Random woman, mom of 3 very cool kids. Presidential campaign correspondent NYTimes, analyst CNN. RTs don't nec mean agreement.

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"Mr. Trump has so far donated nothing to his re-election campaign, even as it has spent millions on his private businesses, and some top aides are reluctant to directly request that he dip into his own bank account." @ShaneGoldmacher  and me

This is the story of a lot of the last 4 years. Trump painting himself as bystander to his own government to avoid ownership >

Watching the third debate Trump had with Clinton in 2016. He said, when pushed on whether he wants to see Roe v Wade overturned, that "if we put another two or perhaps three justices on that's really...what will happen...automatically, in my opinion."

@katieglueck  and me on preparations and expectations from Biden and Trump camps ahead of tomorrow night's debate >

FBI and ODNI briefing over without taking questions

"I will open your schools," says the president, who has no power to do that.

The president sat down, was asked if he was ready for tough questions, and complained from there. More on a CBS interview with a president who for years has lied about reporters, personally denigrated them, and then complained he isn't getting a hug


The lying from the White House on Friday and from Conley yesterday about the president's condition is staggering.

Postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are removed from processing facilities

Four pieces of information in that briefing: a) Trump's fever was "high" b) Trump's lung scans show "expected findings," unclear what that means but c) Trump is on a steroid the WHO recommends only for "severe and critical" COVID cases and d) Trump's oxygen lvls dropped again Sat

BREAKING - Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday, multiple sources say. She has mild symptoms. She was last with POTUS last Friday and has been in Michigan since then.

US president says he should have left US citizens imprisoned by non-democratic regime because the family didn’t acknowledge him personally

This isn’t true; and there are few things more dangerous than a president or top official saying something like this to a scared public. Most people still can’t get tests.

Can’t get over this video, both for the fact that POTUS hates the thought of anyone laughing at him and for the fact that he long used “other countries are laughing at us” as an attack against his predecessors.

Trump is criticizing Biden, who isn't president, for not finding a way to implement a national mask mandate, on ABC Town Hall.