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Random woman, mom of 3 very cool kids. Presidential campaign correspondent NYTimes, analyst CNN. RTs don't nec mean agreement.

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The Met Gala started as a charitable endeavor. It evolved into something ostentatious and over the top, which it has been for many years. A major event for celebrities and NYC elites? Absolutely. But it is not a stellar example of giving back.

It’s worth re-reading this @jonathanvswan ⁩ piece about the final push by Trump loyalists to withdraw from Afghanistan, stopped by an alliance including O’Brien and Milley, and read to the last sentence.

For the uninitiated - and the initiated pretending they don't know because it's a fun way to slam a reporter - off the record is an agreement. Don't send an email saying OTR - especially when you're ostensibly in journalism! - and not wait for the reporter to agree

Why is this his responsibility and not yours to know how journalism works?

Mistakes were made, once again. This time killing as many as 7 kids.

A former president sent a letter to a secretary of state asking him to decertify the election, a slow escalation from the reinstatement talk of a few months ago, and everyone wants to avert their gaze. Maybe someone will get a sponge.

Lee ZELDIN, congressman and NY gubernatorial candidate, told Ontario County GOP dinner last night that he’s been battling cancer, he confirms to me. He says he had a leukemia diagnoses last November and has been receiving treatment since soon after.

‘It’s spreading’: Phony election fraud conspiracies infect midterms


The lying from the White House on Friday and from Conley yesterday about the president's condition is staggering.

Four pieces of information in that briefing: a) Trump's fever was "high" b) Trump's lung scans show "expected findings," unclear what that means but c) Trump is on a steroid the WHO recommends only for "severe and critical" COVID cases and d) Trump's oxygen lvls dropped again Sat

Postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are removed from processing facilities

This isn’t true; and there are few things more dangerous than a president or top official saying something like this to a scared public. Most people still can’t get tests.

BREAKING - Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday, multiple sources say. She has mild symptoms. She was last with POTUS last Friday and has been in Michigan since then.

The president, a senior adviser says, has "lost it." He has been almost impossible to talk to throughout the day today, and has been watching the coverage of the Capitol.