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Rachel Maddow MSNBC

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"Several signatories, including PepsiCo, Macy’s, Ikea, and Nestlé USA, appear to be taking a stand on voting access for the first time, while other signatories, such as Amazon, Patagonia, Cisco and Target, have spoken out against voting restrictions."

“Some days, it’s like convincing people hundreds of years ago that the Earth isn’t flat. That’s really what the conversation feels like.”

Arizona Repubs don't just lose their effort to hide their "audit" records -- they lose it bad: "It is difficult to conceive of a case with a more compelling public interest demanding public disclosure and public scrutiny. The Motion to Dismiss is denied."

This weekend, Saturday July 17th, marks one year since the passing of beloved Congressman John Lewis. Seems a fitting tribute:

"The bottom line is striking: Five times a member of Trump's cabinet was referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution. Five times nothing happened."

"On Wednesday the pastors will launch an advertising campaign and issue a plea for Missouri Christians to get vaccinated, 'as a way of following Jesus’s command to "love your neighbor as yourself.’”

"Just over two weeks out from the Fourth of July holiday, the number of patients with COVID-19 in Alabama hospitals has more than doubled. Nearly every metric used to measure the pandemic is surging here"

picture from a covid icu at cox health in springfield mo. local hospitals and county health department last week asked the state to set up an alternative care site, since hospitals are at capacity. still no response from republican governor mike parson.

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"The chief medical officer at the Univ. of Kansas Health System used blunt language to describe problems confronting hospitals across the metro, which boil down to too many patients and too few beds: 'We are past the tipping point. We are in trouble'."

"Just as notable are the twisted incentives: the moment Trump stops lying about his defeat is the moment this lucrative cash cow disappears. Many have assumed his election lies are about his ego, but these details suggest they're also about his wallet."


Tell me more about law and order.

Perhaps we could also debate by mail.

"RNC video showing rioters in 'Biden’s America' is actually footage shot in Spain"

What? No. I didn’t report any such thing.

A 68 second snapshot of how the Trump presidency will be remembered.

Calling Sen. Ron Johnson a "leading member of the Senate's Sedition Caucus," Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says he "deserves to be expelled, just as 10 senators were expelled in 1861 for refusing to accept the will of the voters who elected Abraham Lincoln."

Do not amplify misinformation. If someone is consistently hyping snake-oil miracle cures, or making up stories about policies that aren't real, stop putting a camera or a mic on that person as a source for information in this crisis. Rebut lies. Tell the truth. Cite sources.

“Roughly 280 million masks in warehouses around the U.S. were purchased by foreign buyers on Monday alone, according to Forbes. A FEMA spokesperson said the agency ‘has not actively encouraged or discouraged U.S. companies from exporting overseas’.”

I admit to being stuck on the fact that the President just convened reporters to announce the 1st US coronavirus death, a man in his 50s in Washington State. The president said "She was a wonderful woman." This is ridiculous. Just stop. Stop talking. Let the scientists talk.