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"Mr. Kara-Murza is a permanent resident of the United States and lives in the D.C. area with his family. His detention and the charges against him must be forcefully rejected by the U.S. government."

Busy guy. Putin takes time out from killing thousands of Ukrainian civilians -- and shooting rockets at a nuclear power plant -- to lament the *victimization* of the Russian ice skater who got caught for doping at the Olympics. He gave her an award today.

"There is deep anxiety that Moscow will try to destabilize the country following dramatic elections last year in which a pro-Western political party headed by Moldova’s first female president, Maia Sandu, won decisively."

Denial, meet tape! for the gazillionth time this week... He said the reporter was the subject of a criminal investigation. He put her picture on a poster, described her reporting as (many!) alleged crimes, confirmed it under questioning. It's. On. Tape:

“Five years after being denied an abortion, women are four times as likely to live below the poverty line as those who received the procedure. A decade after being denied an abortion, women had higher bankruptcies, evictions and lower credit scores.”

"As Idahoans plan for a future without abortion rights, a leading Republican says he will hold hearings on banning emergency contraception..." Also, IUDs: "'IUDs, I’m not for certain yet on where I would be on that particular issue,' he said."

“Republican legislators in Texas, for example, also want to approve measures that would prevent pregnant Texans from seeking legal abortions in other states.”

We should all be so lucky to have even 1% of the positive impact on the world that Urvashi Vaid did, and in a life cut short today. Vision, commitment, brilliance — yes, but her relentless persistence to see it through was truly rare. God bless you, Urv. A life so well lived.

“A notorious Hungarian racist who has called Jews ‘stinking excrement’, referred to Roma people as ‘animals’ and used racial epithets to describe Black people, was a featured speaker at a major gathering of US Republicans in Budapest.”


"Trump has not given a dime to his reelection campaign, opting to fund it with donors’ money. His business, meanwhile, has charged the campaign for food, lodging and rent, resulting in $2.2m of donor contributions turning into $2.2m revenue for Trump."

Perhaps we could also debate by mail.

Do not amplify misinformation. If someone is consistently hyping snake-oil miracle cures, or making up stories about policies that aren't real, stop putting a camera or a mic on that person as a source for information in this crisis. Rebut lies. Tell the truth. Cite sources.

I admit to being stuck on the fact that the President just convened reporters to announce the 1st US coronavirus death, a man in his 50s in Washington State. The president said "She was a wonderful woman." This is ridiculous. Just stop. Stop talking. Let the scientists talk.

Literally the subject line is "spying" and the first line is "I have a friend who is a mole for us." Forwarded by Kavanaugh personally, who calls it "interesting". Then, under oath, he denied knowing of any "spying" or "mole," said he would've reported it if he'd heard of that.

Boston Globe editorial board: "The months the administration wasted with prevarication about the threat and its subsequent missteps will amount to exponentially more COVID19 cases than were necessary. In other words, the president has blood on his hands."

Now they're trying to tell Native Americans in Sioux County SD that their votes will be disqualified on the basis of the *color of the ink* they use to vote. Apparently they're going to throw everything they've got at this. Just astonishing.