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Rachel Maddow MSNBC

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“Have you ever seen with your own eyes how they kill a person?” his representatives asked in a statement. “You are seeing it right now. … They are killing Alexei Navalny. In a terrible way. In front of us all.”

“They have made soft statements rather than stepping out.... It’s ridiculous.”

LOL "Second, saying the word 'China' over and again is not actually an argument."

16 Michigan hospitals were over 90% capacity as of Monday. That includes four at 100% capacity -- Beaumont Wayne, McLaren Port Huron, McLaren Oakland and Ascension St. Joseph Hospital in Tawas City -- and five at 99% capacity:

"The corporate tax cut didn't improve business investments, didn't fuel private-sector hiring, didn't improve wages, and didn't pay for itself."

Georgia's Republican Lieutenant Governor confirms that Rudy Giuliani's false fraud claims about the 2020 election led to Georgia's restrictive voting law:

Remarkable, important story beautifully told by Michael Sallah@MikeSallah7  at the Post-Gazette. (Also -- oh! *that's* what happened to Marc Kasowitz?)


BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously).

Tell me more about law and order.

Perhaps we could also debate by mail.

"RNC video showing rioters in 'Biden’s America' is actually footage shot in Spain"

Calling Sen. Ron Johnson a "leading member of the Senate's Sedition Caucus," Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says he "deserves to be expelled, just as 10 senators were expelled in 1861 for refusing to accept the will of the voters who elected Abraham Lincoln."

24 million people losing insurance is roughly equivalent to the population of: VT AL ND SD DE MT RI ME NH ID WV NE NM KS WY **combined**.

(1) turkey wants to push the kurds out of that part of syria. (2) trump gives ‘em the OK to invade. (3) pence brokers a “deal” in which the kurds... must get out of that part of syria. (4) the US agrees to un-sanction turkey. that’s a “deal” like being mugged is a deal.

What? No. I didn’t report any such thing.

Do not amplify misinformation. If someone is consistently hyping snake-oil miracle cures, or making up stories about policies that aren't real, stop putting a camera or a mic on that person as a source for information in this crisis. Rebut lies. Tell the truth. Cite sources.