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Luke McGee

Observing Brexit and Europe for @cnn & @cnni. Dachshund fancier. Previously @telegraph. Multum in parvo. Reluctant vegan. Pitches:

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In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020

Taiwanese lawmakers throw pig guts and punches in brawl over meat imports - CNN

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Thoughtful @Peter_Conradi  piece on multi-speed. Watching this all unfold and to what extent end points differ will be fascinating

How is that not a straight red? Wild boot, quite high, nasty contact.

If we all agree that this tweet doesn't count & is taken in the context of being very angry & worried: Arteta could still be a great manager & if he took over a team rammed with talent & time to grow etc etc. But this is not Rioch to Wenger. Pochettino currently has no job...

With the greatest of respect to Cesc Fabregas, @MesutOzil1088  is even more of a magician. Whatever the differences with management, @Arsenal  need to explain why the most talented player on our books is not making the squad.


Unpopular view: The Labour Brexit position now does actually make sense. The criticism of "we will negotiate a deal but give the final decision to the public" isn't that complicated. Labour negotiates new deal that fits its manifesto but no whip on campaign.

OK, I've snapped. Jeremy Corbyn fans complaining that Starmer wrote for a Conservative paper should know that one J. Corbyn did exactly the same in 2015. And he was right to, because you cannot win over the other side unless you *talk to them*

Yvette Cooper: "We are not talking about exceptional childcare problems, we are talking about normal childcare problems"

It's only just occurred to me that Sir Hiss, of Robin Hood fame, worked for the state, technically making him a *civil serpent*

Non-political comment: It's a shame that no one watches what goes on in parliament, because Ed Miliband – yes, that Ed Miliband – is mopping the floor with the PM.

As Europe fights to remain relevant, it has to make tough choices. Top of that list is how it engages with China and the US if the balance game becomes impossible. Stick with an old friend who is being a bit of a bully or get closer to a security risk

Fiona Hill claimed that her northern accent would have held her back in the 70s and 80s. That’s why she moved to America. It’s still the case today that if you don’t sound posh you’re unlikely to get on. Brits are massive accent snobs

Four years after Brexit, support for the EU surges in Britain - CNN