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Observing Brexit and Europe for @cnn & @cnni. Dachshund fancier. Previously @telegraph. Multum in parvo. Reluctant vegan. Pitches:

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100% agree with @hugorifkind ⁩ on the need for clarity

I see today is another UK-US trade deal discourse day Your regular reminder that a trade deal would be more of a victory for political optics than economic benefits Trade deals are not as important as trade relationships, but politicians are silly

It would also be a bloody nightmare in the UK to actually get one signed as so many political landmines including drug prices, but for some reason politicians have made it the gold standard of trade deals

I am on late shifts this week (starting at 2pm) and decided to take the opportunity to box at midday everyday. 2 days in, how do you think I am doing?

It’s not just Republicans. Everyone’s mad at Biden over migration. - POLITICO

Astonishingly tastefully argued column by @Dannythefink ⁩ on an issue that is virtually impossible to write about

France did not change its UNGA plans in light of the AUKUS deal, according to a spokeswoman for the Elysee. “The Foreign Minister was always going to represent France at the UNGA, the submarines deal did not change our plans,” the spokeswoman said. via @SaskyaCNN 

Normal world update Taliban seeks to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York

Canada is back where it started after a bitter pandemic election


Hey, @GBNEWS , you said at launch you would correct any incorrect claims made on air. @Nigel_Farage  has just incorrectly claimed that the vaccine rollout worked so well because we were not in the EMA. This is very untrue

Allies of Boris Johnson are increasingly worried that his personal skillset is not suited to handling the competing crises of Brexit and pandemic

There's a post-Brexit spat no one's talking about that could have severe consequences for the economy and devastating personal consequences for vulnerable individuals. Uncomfortably for Boris Johnson, on this one he's entirely at the mercy of the EU

You can pretend otherwise all you like, but you'd definitely rather be mates with Harry and Meghan than William and Kate.

Non-political comment: It's a shame that no one watches what goes on in parliament, because Ed Miliband – yes, that Ed Miliband – is mopping the floor with the PM.

wait... *these* are the tweets. Everyone really needs to drink more water.

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Talking to various diplomatic sources across Europe, the main takeaway from last night was not the content of Biden's speech, but the tone. They genuinely didn't expect more America First than America's Back.

If you’re feeling sad tonight, just remember that Saka is 19, Rashford is 23, Sancho is 21. The joy we have yet to come from these young people who have , literally tonight, overcome more professional adversity than I at 35 have experienced in my entire life

Big Brexit thing happened Friday that didn't get much attention: Commission determined the UK was not able to join Lugano convention, which recognises civil courts judgments The UK applied, still wants to join, & rejection is bad news for City of London

If you want proof that history is long @BukayoSaka87  look at the man hugging you. You’re loved by the people who watch you week in week out

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