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@Jose_Pagliery  @Schwartzesquethere  was so much here though to make one wonder if the FBI might have seen warning signs about him— cheating on his wife, restraining order taken out against his mistress, bundles of cash, meeting Albania PM, etc.

seems like such a classic case of breaking bad/mid life crisis

And can i just say, the FBI/Irish boys club fraternity

seriously wonder if doing counterintel for 20/25 years is too long, if it is inherently corrupting,

maybe he was designated under a different name. him?

spouse opened a (really yummy) 2014 bottle of Justin isosceles, which doesn’t happen often. makes one think of what was happening in 2014 (lordy, we didn’t know what was coming), & abt friends we visited the vineyard with, & other friends & family. in a way, a time capsule.

NPR interview with Memphis pastor worried national media could be inadvertently stoking anxieties

“For years, he says, he thought that the main vice of the country’s rulers was corruption. ‘Why would they want war?…They want palaces! Yachts! Sicily! Sardinia! . . . It turned out to be a veil,’he says. A veil obscuring a deep militarism & revanchism.”

was doing that the other night.

salt of the earth. probably none of them should be driving, several don’t remember the plans. but 85yo relative in law’s social circle looking out for each other when he is newly bereaved, is truly heart warming.


🧵US Senior Admin Official, in call with reporters, said in addition to disconnecting key Russian banks from SWIFT, the US & Europeans agreed to launch a mutlilateral transatlantic task force to identify, hunt down and seize the assets of sanctioned Russian officials & oligarchs,

House Foreign Affairs chair @RepEliotEngel : “I have learned that the Office of the Inspector General had opened an investigation into Sec. Pompeo. Mr. Linick’s firing amid such a probe strongly suggests that this is an unlawful act of retaliation.”

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Retroactively classified. Think about that. Getting prosecuted for something that was legal but specifically changed later for the purpose of selectively prosecuting it

Klobuchar says White House made calls to stop bipartisan legislation to secure elections from foreign interference, incl. paper ballots

These Santos campaign expenses all coming to $199.99 seems kind of dodgy. From hotel rooms, to meals and Ubers, each item listed as costing $199.99. via @mrspanstreppon 

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Schiff’s letter is among the most furious documents ever seen, and disturbing.

Marie Yovanovitch retired last week, Kurt Volker turned over texts and quit, Sondland testified now fired, Taylor testified removed Jan 2., Morrison left week after testified, Vindman testified, escorted out today along w twin brother, Pence aide Williams left OVP for Centcom