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South America Correspondent for @npr Former Iraq and Middle East Bureau Chief.

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Sean Hannity has the biggest audience in the history of the world??
What is going on with this press conference?
The new 55 miles of barrier are being called 'pedestrian fencing'. Semantics essentially not to call it a wall. It will cut into Starr county and land that people have owned for generations.
Reading in on what the new funding bill allows and doesn't allow: After interventions from @RepCuellar #LaLomita chapel will be exempted from any barrier as well as the National Butterfly Center and Bentsen state park.
That all said, at least I don’t have to listen to Kenny G in my house.
Note to self, next year send myself extravagant bouquet. That said, my husband picked up my new glasses at the optometrist so that’s love.
Meanwhile, when your colleague gets mystery flowers and a) you are dying to know who sent them and b) you note your lack of flowers and c) married vs single #ValentinesDay2019
This is extraordinary and terrifying. Journalists doing their job should not face this kind of harassment IN THEIR OWN NEWSROOM from their OWNER.
“He was screaming in (the child’s) face about the Block family legacy: ‘Do you want to be high class or low class? You’re a Block, you’re one of us! You have to learn how to lead!’ (The child) was shaking “

The Most Relevant

Yesterday, the 7 year old daughter of a friend of mine was almost kidnapped in DC outside her home. The woman came up behind her, grabbed her & told her that she had cotton candy for her & and tried to get her into her car & then she chased her. This is her picture.
The oldest person in the world has died. She was born in 1900. Think of the history she saw, the wars and then prosperity. The transformation and promise of technology. Then the current peril of our planet. What an extraordinary time to have been alive.
Written by #AnthonyBourdain in 2014 ‘Some like to claim that Mexicans are “stealing American jobs”. But in two decades as a chef and employer, I never had ONE American kid walk in my door and apply for a dishwashing job, a porter’s position or even a job as a prep cook’
"At your request, I am submitting my resignation." is not really a resignation it is a firing.
According to a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League, 98 % of the extremist-related murders in the United States in 2018 were carried out by right-wing extremists, a large portion white supremacists. @NPRWeekend
One of the things that has been extraordinary is how little coverage there has been of the communities impacted by President Trump's immigration policies and rhetoric here in the US. So few Latinos speaking on TV, on the radio and in newspaper articles.
Why he did it. @SenJohnMcCain's powerful words on why he voted no on healthcare bill.
Talking immigration on and not a single Latino. No one on this panel understands the issues. And this conversation is played out over and over again on different cable channels with no one who has experience and understanding of this issue.
Today is #PTSD Awareness Day. It's not only veterans who suffer from it, but regular people and journalists. For me, it started in Iraq after I covered a multiple suicide bombing. As the death and destruction piled up over the months, it got harder to function outside a war zone
This is my first #JulyFourth as a US citizen. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow immigrants!
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