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Businesses who haven't applied for an EORI number yet can apply for both a Northern Ireland one, prefixed by XI, and a GB EORI at the same time, 3/

Traders who were being automatically allocated an XI EORI number would receive letters from HMRC by 11 December and those who already have a GB number could sign up for the Trader Support Service by 14 December for an XI one. 2/

"Further measures to support agrifood traders will be announced shortly and we are working to resolve all outstanding issues for supermarkets and other traders through the Joint Committee, where we have agreed an intensified process of engagement with the EU," it said 4/

Brexit red tape 'tidal wave' even with deal CBI says UK and EU leaders must not "down pens" and "breath sigh of relief" if trade deal done - urgent attention needed to mitigate disruption Make UK says some will stop moving goods for first few weeks of Jan

This is a heart-breaking story about children of Irish-African heritage born at a time when the Catholic orthodoxy was to send everyone born out of marriage into care.


FULL STORY Boris Johnson’s government concedes Brexit will mean checks on goods going into Northern Ireland. Belfast, Warrenppint, Larne, He previously boasted that deal, which he agreed, meant no checks and businesses could put paperwork “in the bin”

Did you know? Brits settled in EU with EU spouses lose automatic right to come home as a family after March 2022. Instead they must go through Priti Patel’s points system. British in Europe and The3million have tirelessly campaigned on this loss of rights

Two ladies who brought toiletries and other goods in lovely gift bags so it would create more dignity. So thoughtful

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NEW Gove confirms a de facto internal border in Kent - rephrasing previous tweet (this is something transport industry been v worried about) Truckers will have to have a "Kent Access Permit" to get into the county says Gove. It will use police and ANPR to enforce

Sober moment in House as shadow leader of the house Valerie Vaz asks Rees-Mogg where is the risk assessment for BAME staff and MPs. "We are twice as likely to die" from Covid, she tells him. She also tells him to "please stop peddling the myth that we only work when we are here"

#deniedmyvote EU citizens - please do contact me. I am doing story on this today and want to hear your stories. lisa.ocarrol @theguardian .com