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NEW. First round of "intense" Brexit talks break up early over 'serious' disagreements with Barnier complaining about of a lack of respect and engagement by the British government.

Barnier will come to London for the talks. But Downing Street spokesman said: "The talks this week are slightly more informal in nature". "As David Frost set out in his statement, the talks [last week were] constructive but there are still significant differences between us"

Is this an effort to create the theatre everyone says that is needed for a deal, or is it the first step towards no deal planning in the autumn. Five more rounds of talks to go

Draft deal agreed for movement of Irish food exports to rest of EU via U.K. “landbridge”

Brexit talks resume today, this time in London; the second round after last weeks' abrupt early ending to talks.

All UK is looking for is "FTA based on precedent...the kind of deals the UK has already agreed with friendly" nations like Canada etc...

NEW: Lockdown high court challenge lost. Millionaire Simon Dolan who took the case statement: He says he is "disappointed" at judge decision. “My barristers and solicitor are currently analysing the full judgment with view to an appeal.

Fury as Boris Johnson accuses care homes over high Covid-19 death toll


NEW: BMW has delayed the development of the next generation of the Mini car "For cost reasons and because of Brexit"

Just been to polling booth in London Tower Hamlets where two German nationals denied vote. They returned their UC1 form by hand on 2 May. I witnessed Kat phone the no she was given by officials and she was told the form was not processed until 16 May - 9 days after deadline.

Two ladies who brought toiletries and other goods in lovely gift bags so it would create more dignity. So thoughtful

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NEW: 6 charter flights from Romania to bring in 450 workers for British farms tomorrow - BBC WATO news reporting

Sober moment in House as shadow leader of the house Valerie Vaz asks Rees-Mogg where is the risk assessment for BAME staff and MPs. "We are twice as likely to die" from Covid, she tells him. She also tells him to "please stop peddling the myth that we only work when we are here"

#deniedmyvote EU citizens - please do contact me. I am doing story on this today and want to hear your stories. lisa.ocarrol @theguardian .com

Michael Gove confirms full panoply of border checks will be imposed on "operational border" from Jan 2021. Tells business at even today that they are "inevitable" and warns that business better get prepared