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CBI president asks journalists not to ask Johnson any more questions about the royal family. "It gets tedious after a while". (Johnson has ducked all questions about Prince Andrew so far)

Social house building figures (source: Shelter 2019) 1.    In 1977, there were 5 million council homes, now there are 1.6 million. Just one in 10 of all households live in council housing, compared with a third in 1977.

This compares with a doubling of households in more expensive privately rented homes, from 2.2 million in 1977 to 4.5 million now.

Since 2011/12 only a fifth of homes sold under the Right to Buy scheme were replaced, losing a total of 46,000 affordable homes.

Corbyn's turn to convince he is the party of business "It is sometimes said that I am anti bus, this is nonsense, it is not anti-business to say I am against poverty pay...or anti-business to say I want prosperity in every party of the country.

Corbyn: Your businesses have been failed by rip off energy costs and rail services

Is it now LAW that the BBC always get 1st question? Followed by Sky or ITV? Why is this ridiculous approach adopted by @CBItweets 

In the coming days, expect repeated claims that EU citizens don't pay for the NHS. The do, through taxes. The NHS is free at the point of access, it is not a pay in service.If NHS was a contributory system, EU citizens would be required to pay in under FM rules. But it is not.


Just been to polling booth in London Tower Hamlets where two German nationals denied vote. They returned their UC1 form by hand on 2 May. I witnessed Kat phone the no she was given by officials and she was told the form was not processed until 16 May - 9 days after deadline.

Andrea Leadsom on Radio 4, laying down contentious claims about freedom of movement. (paraphrasing), we will have same rules for all instead of current EU citizens allowed to come in without a job.. (Fact) FM rules require citizens to have job after 3 months.

Two ladies who brought toiletries and other goods in lovely gift bags so it would create more dignity. So thoughtful

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#deniedmyvote EU citizens - please do contact me. I am doing story on this today and want to hear your stories. lisa.ocarrol @theguardian .com

This: I was the only journalist from British print media in Dublin today. No 10 refused to take any questions from any journalist from British print media, because there was no-one there for "the lobby" - Westminster political corps. I would have asked on proroguing; Rudd, law

Gove: "It’s unfair that people coming from European countries can access free NHS care without paying in while others make significant contributions". He should perhaps familiarise himself with EU free movement principles here: