The June school holidays are here again — time for children, parents and teachers to take a well-deserved break! With the easing of COVID-19 safety measures, there are more activities to do and places and events to check out. – LHL

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They want people to be outraged that the Supreme Court has returned the power to the people

David Harbour says young Stranger Things co-stars are ‘involved in a minefield’

Almost every leftist tweet simultaneously urges Democrats to take the dire threats of the present moment more seriously but *also* to run much larger political risks by embracing left-wing ideas not seeing the considerable tension between the two.

AP: Biden signs landmark gun measure, says 'lives will be saved' (from @AP )

Why was the PM at @CHOGM2022  and what was achieved at this year’s summit? Watch to find out ⬇️

Russian aggression in Ukraine forcing NATO to ‘look again’ at boosting military capability 🔴 Follow the latest updates ➡️

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