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Four of the 27 men listed by the Jesuits of Canada had been assigned schools in Regina.

Changes coming to Sask. immigration program, 5th plane of Ukrainians inbound

Silicon Valley Bank fallout Q+A: The Financial Post answers your questions about the bank failure that rocked the world via @financialpost 

We fell for the gimmick — OXO to the rescue

How fallout from the SVB collapse could complicate life for some of Canada's big banks

If a Canadian bank fails, how much do you get back?


Peiris: Moe coddles the self-interested at the expense of all

Opinion: Chronic underfunding of education in Sask. threatens future

The Saskatchewan NDP has cancelled plans to invite federal leader Jagmeet Singh to its convention following what some sources described as a heated debate over whether the federal party is hurting the provincial party’s electoral success #skpoli 

EU shuts door to travellers from Canada as virus flares in Europe

Maxime Bernier speaks at Regina anti-mask rally, police respond with tickets

"We are going to take action and we're going to do it really quick," said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. #FSIN  #skpoli