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And that’s it. #Canelo  knocks down Yildirim in the third round. The fight was called shortly after. For live updates and analysis:

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⚡️ “Man suing Clippers wanted $2.5 million and much more for Kawhi signing”

This week in baseball: Fernando Tatís Jr. signed a 14-year contract with the Padres, and Mariners president Kevin Mather resigned in disgrace. What's the connection?

Join us for a #CanelovsYildirim  live chat, featuring Times columnist @dylanohernandez  and writers @R_AndradeFranco  and @1AlbertPerez . Moderated by @fidmart85 . Have questions for the group? Drop it in the replies.

Writer @1AlbertPerez  on the #CaneloYildirim  live chat: #Canelo  is like Tim Duncan; you can’t deny their greatness. They just do not have sizzle." Follow along here:

In the 6½ months since “Ted Lasso” debuted, we have very much needed the show and its message and its title character to be real. That’s why Jason Sudeikis, the show’s co-creator, won a Golden Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy Sunday.


They only printed 20,000 copies of the program for today’s Kobe & Gigi memorial for those in attendance at Staples Center so here’s a thread of what it looks like for those unable to attend.

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Outside of Staples Center. Police are directing fans to stay on the sidewalk:

Raise your hand if you knew @doggface208  was a Lakers fan. Read about Nathan Apodaca’s rise to fame:

BREAKING: Tyler Skaggs had fentanyl and oxycodone along with alcohol in his system when he was found dead, according to a toxicology report

Kobe Bryant’s spirit hovers over Lakers’ 17th NBA championship, @BillPlaschke  writes

The Galaxy decided to release Aleksandar Katai after discussing his wife's racist social media posts with him on Thursday