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Texas inmate is executed for killing prison supervisor in 2003

Elizabeth Warren revises income disclosure from controversial coal case

Singer R. Kelly's alleged abuse inspires a second Lifetime docuseries

May your days be merry and bright – and appropriately holiday-scented. Here we offer seven candles that are all hand-poured by makers in L.A. Some are sweet, others are smoky; all are festive.

Weinstein reaches $45-million settlement with accusers and creditors

Opinion: Congress might have to actually cough up for everything it promises to pay for. Imagine that (via ) @latimesopinion 

Best TV shows of 2019: Robert Lloyd on 'Russian Doll,' 'Good Omens' and more

Why 'Parasite' cracking the SAG Awards nominations is a key nod in quest for Oscar history

Best TV shows of 2019: Lorraine Ali on 'Dickinson,' 'Stranger Things' and more

The outdoor light exhibit created by British artist Bruce Munro in a Paso Robles field has been a big hit. Now organizers have extended the run through the end of June because of "overwhelming public demand."


Breaking: President Trump will be ineligible for California's primary ballot next year unless he discloses his tax returns under a state law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Border Patrol threw away migrants' belongings. A janitor saved and photographed them

California could be hit by a 8.2 mega-earthquake, and damage would be catastrophic

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Animated slides show how the quake permanently jolted a huge block of earth along the fault away from the other. Here, the image shows how one block of ground slid past the other in the Ridgecrest earthquake. ( / Google Earth / Digi@SotisValkantalGlobe )

Claremont Nativity scene depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees separated in cages

After an earthquake and a hurricane — and Trump's failure to send condolences — Mexico rescinds aid offer to U.S.

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Man with weapons, possible explosives arrested, said he was going to L.A. gay pride parade

George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77

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