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Yeats' pilgrim soul meets Bedouin. Now: Managing Editor/News @ForeignPolicy, co-author 'American Pope.' Then: #Iraq Bureau Chief @AP. Best: Wife & Umm Chiara.

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.SecPompeo predicts "smooth transition to a second Trump administration." Was he joking or not? You be the judge:

This is plain embarrassing. From the @OSCE ⁩, which the US supports in calling out sham elections & corrupt governments: “Highly competitive elections in US tarnished by legal uncertainty and unprecedented attempts to undermine public trust”

. @USAID ⁩ deputy administrator Bonnie Glick was told around 2:45 p.m. Friday that she was fired, effective 5 p.m., to keep John Basra in charge of the aid agency - in what one official described as a “Game of Thrones” move. w/ @pranshuverma_ ⁩

US ambassador to Denmark@CarlaHSands  claimed her vote wasn’t counted in the presidential race because she couldn’t find evidence of it on Pennsylvania’s election website. So we found it for her:

US officials fear the next 2 months will be a”very dangerous time” and lead to conflict w Iran. w/ @EricSchmittNYT ⁩ @maggieNYT ⁩ @SangerNYT ⁩ @helenecooper ⁩ & me

The floating bomb off Yemen’s coast that could destroy a generation’s water and fishing ecosystem if it explodes and dumps 4x the oil that was spilled in the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. @rickgladstone ⁩ @nytimes 

All the authorities involved now recognize Bergamo’s mass suffering from the coronavirus last spring as a tragedy. But invariably they lay blame for it elsewhere. Today Bergamo is a province gutted by loss. @jasondhorowitz ⁩ @nytimes 


Pompeo in Greece, on Trump administration approach to diplomacy, per Ukraine: “Nations work together and they say ‘Boy, goodness gracious, if you can help me with ‘X,’ we’ll help you achieve ‘Y.’ This is what partnerships do.” via @nytimes 

The State Department removed NPR reporter Michele Kelemen from the press pool on @SecPompeo ⁩ trip this week to Europe and Central Asia following his dustup w @NPRKelly ⁩. Read statement by @shauntandon ⁩, State Department Correspondents' Association president:

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Scooplet by @NYTmike : Comey wants to testify, but insists it be in public. Watch this space:

The U.S. Special Counsel will investigate whether @SecPompeo  violated the Hatch Act’s ban on political activity in the federal workplace by pledging to release Hillary Clinton’s emails, in response to President Trump’s pre-election demand.

He set her on the U.S. bank of the river and started back for his wife, Vanessa Ávalos, but seeing him move away the girl threw herself into the waters. Martínez returned and was able to grab Valeria, but the current swept them both away. @AP 

Amazing detail by : His resignation already written, Mr. Mattis made a last attempt to convince Mr. Trump to change his mind on Syria. Rebuffed, the retired 4-star Marine general asked aides hand out 50 copies of the letter at the Pentagon.