JUST IN: A lawyer for Peter STRZOK says some of the agent's notes recently made ublic by the FLYNN defense team "appear to have been altered," including with at least one handwritten notation that is incorrect >>>

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One election won't make everything perfect—but it could make things better. And that's why it’s worth taking a few minutes to vote. It's the best route for us to achieve the changes we want. Make your plan to vote at . Let’s bring this home.

We will not have business as usual here in the Senate while the Republicans use a sham process to force through President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to rip away health care from millions.

@COVID19Tracking , my go-to source, is reporting 83,010 newly-diagnosed COVID cases today, a record high for the US. The previous record was 76,842 on July 17.

SCOOP: State, federal antitrust lawsuits against Facebook could come as soon as November, four sources say.

Do you know who was the worst interview I ever had? Pres Bush 41 ..he would take no credit for anything he had done in the interview(and he had done so much -eg Berlin Wall coming down) and wanted to give credit to everyone else;he was so humble and such a great man. I miss him.

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Video in New York shows police arguing with a Jewish homeowner about the "crowd" in his home after attempting to enter over a "parking" situation.

“We have the White House, and they don’t,” Trump says in Florida

"I set fire to that precinct with the black community." "I've burned police stations with black panthers in Minneapolis." "The BLM protesters in Minneapolis loved me." How a Texas "Boogaloo Boi" described a trip to Minneapolis, per criminal complaint:

Conservation easements are really egregious scam, so no surprise to find that Donald Trump has exploited them to the hilt.