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Here is the appeals court decision ordering Judge Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn case.

This is so good: "Woke capitalism lets the elites maintain the status quo while paying lip service to the demands of activists, and, as ethical consumers, millennials get to feel like they’re making a difference every time they go shopping."

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"There is injustice at the Justice Department" -- Jerry Nadler. (I see what you did there speechwriter...)

For those not watching this House Judiciary hearing, it has completely devolved into members yelling at one another over points of orders and making loud noises while a witness reads his prepared statement.

The members are not mature enough to be allowed to handle objects.

Treasury sent more than 1 million coronavirus stimulus payments, worth $1.4 billion, to dead people. The IRS has no plan to recoup the payments beyond requesting they be returned.

Three Words. 70 Cases. The Tragic History of ‘I Can’t Breathe.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime associate of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in NH on criminal charges linked to his alleged sex-trafficking operation via @nicole_hong ⁩ @BenWeiserNYT ⁩


Pres. Trump suggests on Fox Radio that there are Good Christians and Bad Christians. The good ones support Donald Trump; the bad ones, like those who criticized his photo stunt, are the opposition.

Pres Trump has backed himself into a rhetorical position where he both publicly disagrees with Georgia Gov. Kemp's decision to lift the state's stay-at-home, but also praises him and tells Georgians to listen to their governor.

Washington DC Mayor Bowser has confirmed that the Justice Department floated the idea of the federal government taking over the DC police.

Aaron Zelinsky, one of Mueller’s prosecutors, just filed a notice to withdraw from the Stone case, the day that DOJ officials said they would override the line prosecutors and recommend a lower sentencing for the president’s longtime friend and campaign advisor.

Cellphone evidence links Al Qaeda to the attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The FBI opened the gunman's iPhone without help from Apple (whose security is so weak that a broker for smartphone exploits says it has a surplus for iOS.) w @adamgoldmanNYT 

In this story w @emilymbadger : DC AG Karl Racine asked Barr, Esper & Meadows under what authority they brought other state National Guards into the the city and whether those national guards have been given the authority to arrest people at the protests.