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Happy Birthday to one of my muses and mentors. THE GREAT @RealBillRussell
Another good read by @LRGiles well done my brother
Had a great time co-hosting @TheTalkCBS today! We discussed my upcoming book The Wizenard Series: Training Camp, a story for young athletes, coaches & educators interested in the potential of team sports to unlock individual growth. Available for pre-order
It was great catching up with you both! One of the most fun interviews I have ever been a part of @Rachel__Nichols @Real_T_Mac
Heroes of sport work to empower athletes of all abilities. I’m proud to be a hero of sport with #TeamUSA wheelchair basketball player @meganblunk. Join us, and support @CAFoundation. Learn more: #HeroesofSport #TeamCAF
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Thank you for your ongoing support of #TheMambaMentality and its message! Follow us @Granity to stay updated on our upcoming projects including our next book #Wizenard! #GranityStudios
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It’s a MOVEMENT. Proud to welcome @spidadmitchell to the @DrinkBODYARMOR team. You’re up next! #ObsessedWithBetter
This #MaoriDavenport situation is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in youth basketball. Let her play!
Relax. Entire squad is damn near out. Were playing pretty well before that #gethealthy #lakerfam

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A #POTUS whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can't possibly "Make America Great Again"
Welcome to the family @KingJames #lakers4life #striveforgreatness @JeanieBuss @MagicJohnson and RP well done!!! 🙌🏾
Last night was the final chapter to an incredible story. I walk away at peace knowing my love for the game & this city will never be broken.
We can enjoy one without tearing down one. I love what he’s doing. Don’t debate what can’t be definitively won by anyone #enjoymy5 #enjoymj6 #enjoylbjquest
On this day 18yrs ago the hornets told me right after they drafted me that they had no use for me and were going to trade me #thanku #lakers
WE had to face the Spurs EVERY post season pretty much. Not to mention the first super team in Boston but hey, what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️
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