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? Kim

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Happy Halloween if you celebrate such things. (Bah humbug!)

Blocked and reported

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Do you think they regret the funeral garb?

Reese’s cups (I pronounce it Ree-sees) and yes, booster shot is scheduled. Thanks for asking! 💪

WTF is the meta with these people? #yikes  🤣

@kathygriffin  Putin’s getting all the credit for the fine performative sock puppetry of these Koch Industries tools. Boo! Go away #quislings !

taking a restful minibreak from the twitters TTYL✌️


How it started. How it ended.

The misogynistic treason zombie is deliberately targeting cities led by women. Keep an eye on that.

I don’t know who needs to hear this. It’s Barack laughing at his own jokes. ?

How could our entire system be so inept as to not halt Bill Barr?

Dress for the job you want. /ht @saribethrose  ??

MAGA is if all the abusive husbands in the world formed a terrorism clique.

How it started. How it’s going.

? This ad is fire. It needs to be everywhere right now.

TRUMP IS OVER I’m going to call it now. King Tinyhands is not coming back from this.