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Kim aka @kim@sunny.g

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@elonmusk  @markcubanI  gotta say your love for Elmo is misplaced. Dude is an incorrigible #redpilljunkie  who thinks he’s at the bank right now.

You trying to suggest Democrats are doing the price gouging? False! Actually, it's the GOP donors. http

Look for it in your favorite bookstore: How To Red-pill Clueless American Narcissists in 5 or Fewer Tweets by Yevgeny Prigozhin with forward by MbS

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Riley Williams is Lauren Boebert without the rich patrons.

It’s every brand’s dream to spend $48,000,000.00 underwriting a Nazi-infested 8chan knockoff run by a demented cock stain.

@MeidasTouch  Who’s spinning the records? Someone give Senator Raphael Warnock’s DJ a shout out please. #GeorgiaRunoff  #VoteBlue 


How it started. How it ended.

I don’t know who needs to hear this. It’s Barack laughing at his own jokes. ?

MAGA is if all the abusive husbands in the world formed a terrorism clique.

How it started. How it’s going.

Help me decide I’m making T-shirts & stickers to show appreciation for our @POTUS  Joe Biden. #Joevember 💥 1 or 2

The MAGA plan to install a bunch of cheaters has failed. The coup plotters were defeated. #DemocracyWins 

The US ‘president’ is a racist, sexist piece of trash. #TrumpMeltdown