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Hid shed needs a roof repair.

Jeanine’s a fan, but nobody is supposed to know. Haaa!

Sorry! That was so unnecessary. 😂

Some type of cheetolicking buffoon, obviously. 🙄

Do the damn thing, already! https://

@GOP  @realDonald TrumpIn reality “We remember that Trump exist to protect the safety and happiness of Vladimir Putin and an assortment of international creditors, slimebags, and hush money recipients. He must care for them first. (In addition to his whiny ass family members, paid escorts, etc).


GRASSLEY: "The more empathy the president can show, the more he's going to go up in the polls." TRUMP: *Premieres new Hitler logo*

🔥 This ad is fire. It needs to be everywhere right now.

TRUMP IS OVER I’m going to call it now. King Tinyhands is not coming back from this.

Iran just became the first state to issue an arrest warrant for impeached US President Donald Trump.

The US ‘president’ is a racist, sexist piece of trash. #TrumpMeltdown 

If you’re a visual learner, this image might help. #COVID ー19 #thinkofothers 

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