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I’m no Yankees fan, but Tampa Bay maybe winning a bunch of sports championships this year also feels very 2020

With all this chatter about court-packing, read up on the history of the size of the Supreme Court! (It's changed, up and down, more than you might think. Though not for a long time.)

Jerks. I’m in my damn 30s. 🙄😖

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Dear everyone: Mercury is in retrograde from yesterday through Election Day. Hopefully that helps explain some things

Politics and public movements are far more dramatic in other countries. While you were sleeping:

I was going to make a salad. 🥗 🐱

@ByDisgusted  @gtconway3dI  started out that way. Turns out they cannot be trained out of it. So I bust out soap and disinfectant more than I used to (which given COVID also has the side benefit of being normal now)

Dear Very Concerned People of the Internet: yes obviously I am going to wash out the bowl! 🧼 But thank you for worrying. 😻

@weirwoodtreehug  🤷🏻‍♀️ yep. having a cat makes you clean more, not less. (I assume people with cats already know this.) also I am a tyrant about dishes, so those comments are just making me 🙄

@Vtwinspecial1  @gtconway3dAnimals  are like children. If you show them aggression, they learn aggression, and respond with aggression. One can be firm without being violent. My cat does not get slapped, period.


Standing ovation from audience after Yovanovitch hearing is gaveled out

Few people thought Laura Cooper would be a bombshell witnesses, but her timeline -- that she says staffers alerted her to after her deposition transcript came out -- means Ukrainians knew about aid situation on day of Trump-Zelensky call. Undercuts big GOP defense they didn't.

After 104.5 years, the House just voted to recognize the Armenian Genocide. 405 yes, 11 no, 3 present. This has taken decades, & while I’m supposed to keep myself out of coverage, I will slip just this once to say that vote is an affirmation of history to every Armenian-American.

AG Barr is objecting to a key IG finding that was legit for the FBI to open its Trump probe based on what George Papadopoulos said about Russians having Clinton’s emails. The unorthodox split is bound to fuel partisan battles next week... w @DevlinBarrett 

Shorter Sondland: yeah it happened. Because Trump wanted it. And everyone knew about it. And they're covering it up (he said State didn't let him access his emails).

Gaetz announces his support for the House's war powers resolution: "I support the president, killing Soleimani was the right decision, but engaging in another forever war in the middle east would be the wrong decision."