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Justin Fenton

On leave from crime reporting for @baltimoresun to work on a book about the Gun Trace Task Force scandal for Random House. jfenton@baltsun.com

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The officer said he was spit on after bumping into a man. Body camera footage shows the officer saying "Move out of the fucking way," and then they start jawing: "Go ahead, I've got enough for everybody,” cop says. He strikes the man, who pushes back, turning off the camera:

Here’s the video that went viral in January:

But here’s the other angle, newly obtained. Defense attorneys are likening it to the George Floyd video if bystanders had intervened:

Update: Baltimore Police say they've forwarded the new video to the public integrity bureau, which reviews misconduct. The State's Attorney's Office declined to comment

The Baltimore Columbus statue has joined the following items at the bottom of the Inner Harbor:

Reported multi-victim shooting spanning several blocks in the area of Druid Hill Ave and Presstman Street:

We haven't seen body camera footage yet, but here's what police wrote in charging documents about the shooting by officers last week of a man having a mental health crisis:

Stories and tips just piling up 😪 I'd beg Tribune to send reinforcements except resources are being cut

Police say a man was fatally shot tonight in the 5200 block of Cuthbert Ave. west of Pimlico Race Track; three nights ago 54-year-old Ronald Laws was fatally shot a couple blocks away on Cordelia Ave. May/June were deadliest two months in Baltimore since July/Aug 2015


Footage shows officer placing drugs in trash; goes out to street, turns on camera, returns. Cams save 30 sec prior to activation, w/o sound

A College Park student who's a member of "Alt Reich" Fb group killed Bowie St student Richard Collins, an Army Lt, in unprovoked attack

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Official NOAA aircraft report amid high winds: "PRETTY MUCH EVERY ONE ON THE PLANE THREW UP"

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Singer Chris Brown posting videos from inside his home with police outside. Will they cut off his accounts?

"I hear a heart surgeon just saved someone the media wouldnt even try to operate on"

#RIPVine Here's this guy riding a horse down the street in West Baltimore

Ravens and Jaguars players kneeling during National Anthem in England

Crazy testimony in federal court just now by former Detective Maurice Ward, outlining illegal tactics used by Gun Trace Task Force Officers ...

This took like a minute of fiddling with my DVR so I hope you all appreciate it

Body camera footage allegedly catches misconduct. Email from public defender to other city defense attorneys:

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