You said you were retiring! Fake news!

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Dan Price was called "the one moral CEO in America." He spoke about corporate greed and raising the pay of employees. The attention enabled a pattern of abuse in his personal life and hostile behavior at work, a New York Times investigation found.

Apple is urging people to update their software as soon as possible following a security flaw with many iPads, Macs and iPhones that could allow hackers to take complete control of the devices.

I cant believe we lost Brian Stelter and Liz Cheney in the same week American Democracy has died

BREAKING: Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin set to attend G20 summit in Indonesia later this year

Toronto police are concerned for the safety of a woman after she was seen being forced into a vehicle in Scarborough on Thursday afternoon.

Instagram and Facebook suspend Robert Kennedy Jr’s anti-vaccine group

Sex fiend who nearly killed NYC man with sucker punch freed without bail

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jd vance: “democrats are trying to murder you with opioids” also jd vance:

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