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Trump announces Saudi King and MBS will make cash payments to victims for the shooting thing.

We should demonstrate American values by sponsoring foreigners who pledge loyalty to our paramount leader.

Trump reports Rudy got "a lot of good information" on Trump's political enemies during latest collusion trip. Will report findings to Bill Barr and Congress.

I can’t remember the detail but I believe there was an offer of a money statement at the White House

Do these people have homeowners policies?

Trump pitch to Jews seems to be: You suck and you don’t like me. But you love money so you have to vote for me.


I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it.

This - FINALLY - is the point. Very, very clear that the White House finally released the aid only when the whistleblower report was coming to light and the Intel committee was already starting its investigation! They relented because they finally got caught.

This is a critical, critical portion of testimony.

Don’t forget this moment of national disgrace.

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Folks, the whole collusion story over three and a half years. All in 140 seconds. We watched it unfold. Remind yourself what we all saw. Watch/Retweet.

So trump considering giving Iran $15 billion line of credit if they’re come back into compliance with the deal Obama negotiated and which they were complying with until he tore up the dealing. I can’t stand the winning.

So today Trump threatened a whistleblower, accused one or more of his top nat sec aides of being spies, demanded a House Chair be interrogated on suspicion of treason and threatened to foment a civil war if he is removed from office.

Important to note what happened yesterday. A voter noticed a security flaw in Brian Kemp's computer system, immediately notified his office. Kemp turned around and launched criminal probe into state Dems for "hacking" to turn attn from his screwup.

How on earth did the RNC get put in charge of handing out tickets to President Trumps July 4th event, which is funded by the federal govt and the us military?