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Here's another very strong piece of reporting from the Post. But this passage shows how the MSM is really not up to the task of addressing what's happening here.

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@McFaul  @chucktoddYeah , it was one of few times over last 48 hrs where I've seen very clear explanation of what, as you say, is a relatively complex context. As opposed to showing vid absent any context. It was good.

@BradMossEsq  @edbottC  @chrislhayesa  @WSJn  @JoshKovensky  @MarkSZaidEsqyou  explicate? Wld the alleged quid pro quo qualify? In terms of being an intel matter?

Yeah, this is an amazingly sleazy and corrupt line of reporting. Wild.

@BradMossEsq  @edbottI  @chrislhayesn  @WSJt  @JoshKovenskye  @MarkSZaidEsqresting . But in general it shld have some intel nexus beyond just the WB being in the IC, correct?

Unfortunate. Vogel's role in the NYT piece is pretty evident, as they slip in a toned done version of Rudy's conspiracy theory into the Times copy.

@StevenJDuffield  . @BradMossEsq  said earlier that there has to be an intel nexus of some sort. So fact that IG greenlighted it suggests there is. But cld be sort of indirect, it seems.

@eisingerj  @yeselsonO  @chrislhayesb  @greenhousenytv  @AlanCullisoniously , all spec. But original WaPo stories seem to be sourced to people in proximity to the IG process, also formers. Today's story in the Journal seemed different, seemed more like defensive leak from people at the White House.

@BradMossEsq  @StevenJDuffieldHmmm . That doesn't seem to line up with corrupt quid pro quo, regardless of its gravity. Seems to require something more.


I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it.

So trump considering giving Iran $15 billion line of credit if they’re come back into compliance with the deal Obama negotiated and which they were complying with until he tore up the dealing. I can’t stand the winning.

Folks, the whole collusion story over three and a half years. All in 140 seconds. We watched it unfold. Remind yourself what we all saw. Watch/Retweet.

Don’t forget this moment of national disgrace.

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How on earth did the RNC get put in charge of handing out tickets to President Trumps July 4th event, which is funded by the federal govt and the us military?

Important to note what happened yesterday. A voter noticed a security flaw in Brian Kemp's computer system, immediately notified his office. Kemp turned around and launched criminal probe into state Dems for "hacking" to turn attn from his screwup.

What happened here when President Trump tried twice to pronounce "anonymous"?

So Jerry Falwell Jr claimed the pics of him and his son clubbing in Miami were photoshopped. The photographer was pissed and came forward with a bunch more pictures including ones of Jerry’s wife Becki. Now Jerry says he’s turning the leakers into the FBI.

This is how people talk when they’re getting ready to kill people.