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6/ The fact that Flynn concealed these actions and lied to the FBI about it is a serious but relatively pedestrian crime. The issue is why he lied. And that is obvious. Because the nature of the conversations demonstrated the campaigns guilt in allying with a hostile ...

@blakehounshell  Completely agree. But I think if we play it out we see what the problem was. The issue was sanctions in retaliation for interfering in the election on Trump's behalf. So saying we don't think sanctions are needing and we want to be friends is politically quite problematic.

7/ foreign power to corrupt a US election.

Nope. This is a straw man and you know it. You can betray your country without being a "Russian agent".


Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

A good illustration of why the surgical hand washing technique is really very important

Las Vegas Mayor offers city as "control group", "we offer to be a control group" to see how many people die without social distancing.

I don't know this reporter's name. But man, she would not let up even in the face of President Trump's attacks.

Gov @GovPritzker  confirms that the federal ‘Air Bridge’ flights from China, organized by the White House taskforce, are bringing PPE back from China which are then turned over to private companies. The states then have to bid against each other to purchase from those companies.

I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it.

Don’t forget this moment of national disgrace.

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It is remarkable, scarcely plausible in cinematic terms that little more than a month ago Adam Schiff was on the floor of the Senate saying you know in a crisis Donald Trump will think of himself and not the national interest and that that made him a danger to the country.