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Police raiding The Chinese University of Hong Kong now. This picture is taken about an hour ago. This is from @reddit :

In light of Nikki Haley's book, re-up my piece from Jan. 2018: Tillerson prevails over Haley in Palestinian funding debate

@JRubinBlogger  writes Laura Cooper’s testimony shows that "In short, the proof of extortion — withholding vital aid for political ammunition — is irrefutable." @PostOpinions 

Michael Bloomberg’s China record shows why he can’t be president by me @PostOpinions 

Defense Secretary Mark Esper tells reporters en route to South Korea he doesn’t remember when DOD learned the Ukraine military aid was being held up: “I can’t recall the tik-tok on that.”

I followed up and asked Esper isn’t it true that the Kurds are selling the oil to the Assad regime right now? He said he doesn’t know how the Syrian oil market works.


Turkey almost killed the US soldiers in Syria that Trump said don’t even exist. Trump has betrayed the US military just as he has betrayed their Kurdish partners.

President Trump's aides said he lied about calls from China in order to manipulate the markets, according to CNN. Wow.

Invoking the fight against corruption to corruptly persecute political rivals under the cover of authority is what the Chinese Communist Party does every day. Never thought I'd see a U.S. president use and defend the same tactic.

DIA analysts say North Korea may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first Trump-Kim summit. Wow.

Leaked State Dept emails show that everybody knew the Ukraine aid was being held up for corrupt purposes, but officials decided to look the other way: @nytimes 

@murraywaas  on Giuliani: "The Ukrainian initiative appears to have begun in service of formulating a rationale by which the president could pardon Manafort, as part of an effort to undermine the special counsel’s investigation." Wow. @nybooks