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@AmbJohnBolton  to @jaketapper  on Trump: "To me, the corruption was the political corruption of using legitimate government power to advance his political fortunes." @CNNSotu 

@rushan614  ., founder of @CUyghurs : “The shame you have brought on China will not be washed away for 1,000 generations.” Her sister remains imprisoned in the camps. #UyghurGenocide  #FreeUyghurs  #uyghurhumanrightspolicyact  #UyghurRally 

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Trump is planning to invite India, Australia, South Korea & maybe Brazil to join the Group of Seven countries for an expanded group meeting alongside the upcoming summit, officials said. They won’t call it a “counter-China coalition,” but that’s the idea.

In the al Hol camp in Syria, 14,000 women and children from other countries wait for years, suffering greatly, while the world looks away. Read @leloveluck 

Hong Kong as it has been known — a bastion of free speech and rule of law, an autonomous, glittering capital of capitalism — has been smothered. by the Editorial Board@PostOpinions 

The Treasury Department has announced human rights sanctions on four Chinese officials under the Magnitsky Act, including Xinjiang Communist Party SecretaryChen Quanguo. Big news.


President Trump's aides said he lied about calls from China in order to manipulate the markets, according to CNN. Wow.

Wuhan reported only about 2,500 #coronavirus  deaths, but 5,000 urns were delivered to one mortuary over just 2 days. “Wuhan has seven other mortuaries.” @shanghaiist 

Turkey almost killed the US soldiers in Syria that Trump said don’t even exist. Trump has betrayed the US military just as he has betrayed their Kurdish partners.

DIA analysts say North Korea may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first Trump-Kim summit. Wow.

Hey guys, looks like we just killed another senior Iranian military commander. Sorry to interrupt.

Leaked State Dept emails show that everybody knew the Ukraine aid was being held up for corrupt purposes, but officials decided to look the other way: @nytimes 

Exclusive: State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses