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... processes and override the will of their voters, the Department's public statements about this episode should also mention President Trump by name. It is critical that we communicate to the world that in our system, no one -- not even the president -- ...

RT @MeghanMcCain : I like people who don’t start insurrections.

Thread — I’m very happy and relieved that my elderly parents got their first shot of the coronavirus vaccine this week. But the story of how they got it is nucking futs and illustrates just how messed up the vaccine distribution system is. 1/?

My parents went to the clubhouse and found that, because DeSantis had visited that particular retirement community for a photo op, they actually had vaccines and were giving shots. But there was zero systematic organization...

So Parler will be shut down for a day or two, max, after which it’s proponents will be back with a new grievance. What exactly is that supposed to accomplish?

Huge Congrats to @abbydphillip , the new anchor of "Inside Politics Sunday with Abby Phillip," from 8-9 AM Sundays, beginning January 24th @CNN 

Scoop: 1,100 State Department employees got vaccinated. At USAID, zero did. by me @washingtonpost 

Hi. I live in DC. Why don’t we deserve the full democratic rights afforded by statehood again?

New: Biden’s pick for top Asia official Kurt Campbell should reassure nervous allies


President Trump's aides said he lied about calls from China in order to manipulate the markets, according to CNN. Wow.

Wuhan reported only about 2,500 #coronavirus  deaths, but 5,000 urns were delivered to one mortuary over just 2 days. “Wuhan has seven other mortuaries.” @shanghaiist 

Turkey almost killed the US soldiers in Syria that Trump said don’t even exist. Trump has betrayed the US military just as he has betrayed their Kurdish partners.

DIA analysts say North Korea may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first Trump-Kim summit. Wow.

Hey guys, looks like we just killed another senior Iranian military commander. Sorry to interrupt.

Exclusive: The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned @washingtonpost