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Josh Rogin

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@elonmusk  Will you pledge to active Starlink over Taiwan if/when China attacks?

The web browser used within the @tiktok_us  app can track every keystroke made by its users, according to new research

"The Granholm export threat is also a slap in the face to European allies trying to diversify energy sources from Russia." by @WSJopinion 

Pyongyang wants to dispatch laborers to the Russia-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine - providing the Kim regime with a much-needed source of overseas income. @WSJ 

Chinese companies are leaving U.S. stock exchanges. Good riddance. by me @PostOpinions 

"McMullin is running on a high-minded message of unity in defense of democracy and finding 'common sense' solutions to problems." And he just might pull it off. on for @JRubinBlogger  @EvanMcMullin  @PostOpinions 

Unlike in bygone eras, there is no mandate to mourn (though the U.K. government did issue guidance). There is, of course, ceremony:" Read the latest edition of the "Post Elizabeth" newsletter by @Autumnsan1  @PostOpinions 

A conservative think tank turns away from Reagan and toward Trump by me @PostOpinions 


Wuhan reported only about 2,500 #coronavirus  deaths, but 5,000 urns were delivered to one mortuary over just 2 days. “Wuhan has seven other mortuaries.” @shanghaiist 

Republican says he was told in a closed briefing that Russian meddling contributed to last year's conflict and violence in Charlottesville. Wow.

Exclusive: The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned @washingtonpost 

Leaked State Dept emails show that everybody knew the Ukraine aid was being held up for corrupt purposes, but officials decided to look the other way: @nytimes 

I'm told reliably there is a draft Executive order on LGBT issues including adoption. Details and timing unclear.

Dear , please stop saying we have to ignore human rights to protect our national security interests. Promoting human rights is in our national security interest.

@SenWhitehouse  tells @wolfblitzer  there is a ton of evidence Mike Flynn is a cooperating witness with the FBI. Wow.

Trump told the Finnish President Just now he enjoyed spending time with him at the NATO summit. Finland is not part of NATO. #awkward 

“scientists don’t rule out that an accident at a research laboratory in Wuhan might have spread a deadly bat virus that had been collected for scientific study,” writes @IgnatiusPost