Mostly Responsible C

Mostly Responsible C

Semper erit benevolens. Wonks’ Dictionary with James Jeffrey in bookshops right this moment.

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Whimsy is the gateway drug to becoming an anti vaxer and we must be forever vigilant.

Politicians resigning just because they’re being investigated by a corruption body sets a terrible and confusing precedent.

All these people saying they don’t know what’s in the vaccines but having an opinion about vaccines that is apparently as valid as people who do in fact know what’s in the vaccines.

It is perfectly reasonable to be extremely wary of fundamentalist nutbags trampling all over the separation of church and state.

Gladys resigned over a mere investigation but Dan was convicted of a crime and stayed.

Very little has been done to mitigate climate change because big money vested interests and their various useful idiots have fought tooth and nail against doing anything before most people had even heard of it. This is the unvarnished truth.

Bit concerned anyone’s shocked that electricity generation involving digging shit up and setting it on fire turns out to be less economic than using the sun and the wind which remarkably keep happening.

This bloke’s actions cheerfully tell you exactly what he’s like. Would recommending believing him.


Was thinking last night that Morrison is basically the delta variant of John Howard.

Drew this in 2004. Seems almost quaint these days.

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To be fair, the bloke totally failed to notice an ocean liner a few weeks back. via @newscomauHQ 

Phase 1: fuck everything up Phase 2: continue to fuck everything up but in a slightly different way Phase 3: pick the most effective ways we fucked things up in phases 1 and 2 and combine them, insisting that we have learned many lessons Phase 4: just more of phase 3

Hard to imagine anything summing up the current government better than the furious amount of energy devoted to saving the clearly endangered Great Barrier Reef from being officially acknowledged as endangered.