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John Legend

Chrissy's husband. Father of Luna & Miles. #LoveInLasVegas The Residency in 2022. Tickets and VIP at Drink like me: @lve_wines

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A lot of “what about Chicago?” in my mentions whenever I talk about guns. We all want Chicago to be safer but please see the list of states with the highest gun mortality rates. See how far you have to go down to get to Illinois. Link -

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I have a very special performance planned for tonight! Watch it LIVE on @FOXTV  at the @iHeartRadio  Music Awards starting at 8/7c!!! #iHeartAwards2022 

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This summer marks 6 years since Kalief Browder's death. Reforms to bail, discovery and Raise The Age have saved thousands of NYers like him from unjust pretrial jailing. We can't go back. NY leaders must resist misinformation and protect historic reforms.

It was an honor to perform FREE tonight along with Lyuba Yakimchuk, Siuzanna Iglidan, Mika Newton, and our incredible choir.

Join me in helping to lift up those affected by humanitarian crises by visiting one of the following organizations and pledging your support: @UNICEF  @CARE  @CoreResponse  @WCKitchen  @RESCUEorg  Since the conflict began in Ukraine, more than 4 million refugees have fled their homes

My brother, you have to keep reading. What happened next?

You’re almost there. It’s probably on the next page

District Attorney elections are crucial to improving our criminal legal system and 2022 is a year with thousands of races. These are the upcoming elections in TN, NC, OR, and CA I am paying close attention to. More information about DA elections is here:

I spoke to the @latimes  about why local politics matter and the role of our prosecutors. A reminder: only 5 days left until the official Election Day in California. Make sure to get your ballot in by Tuesday, June 7!


The president is a racist. He has been for his entire public life. If you vote(d) for him, you do so because of that or despite that. We need a multi-racial anti-racist coalition to defeat him and try to heal our nation.

America elected a very shitty person to be President

I see Melania's campaign to end cyber bullying is off to a slow start

We have fucking video proof and some of you still are all "well, uh, he shouldn't have moved his left leg so provocatively".

We have nazi sympathizers and white nationalists in the White House. Condemn them too. They should not be receiving taxpayer money.

Being against cops killing is not equal to being for killing cops. We need peace in our streets.

My bleeped words were "asshole" and "shithead", for the record

Please stop calling the police on black people who are just trying to live. Please. Stop. Police shoot us for no fucking reason at all. Please. Stop.